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A tractor trailer that law enforcement found at least 51 migrants dead in on Monday was copied from a south Texas-based trucking company, according to a report.

Officials believe that the truck was abandoned in San Antonio after it had mechanical problems. A city worker discovered the scene on Monday evening after hearing a cry from the trailer.

The article goes on to state the following:

At least 46 migrants were found dead at the scene and more died at hospitals.

A total of 39 men and 12 women died from trying to sneak into the United States in a truck, then being abandoned in the heat.  The high for the San Antonio area that day was reported to be 103 degrees.

The 18-wheeler truck used to haul the illegal aliens into the country was a clone, painted to look like it belonged to Betancourt Trucking and Harvesting – right down to the same color scheme and registration number.

Felipe Betancourt, the owner of Betancourt Trucking and Harvesting, based in Alamo, Texas, which is near McAllen, said that truck wasn’t theirs – because their truck with that same registration number is still sitting in their yard.

Meanwhile, the flood of illegal aliens into the United States continues, with many simply walking right on in.

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  1. Don’t want them in my country ,but damn don’t want lives to be lost so recklessly,fucking Biden should be ashamed of himself don’t know how dude sleeps at night,this is a fucking tragedy,fuck you Brandon blood is on your hands not only from Afghanistan but this too,how do you live with yourself god have mercy on your soul cause your gonna burn in hell!

  2. Mexico is not sticking to the agreement with Abbott? Mexico is making a shitload of money off Bidens open border policy , why would they?

  3. Strange the White House blames the human smugglers, which they did, but never mentions how Biden is aiding the cartel by open borders. Oh, the White House keeps saying the border is closed. Unbelievable.


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