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I can say something 1,000,000 times and yet I will always come away wishing I had said it 1,000,001 times because there’s always a chance someone wasn’t listening.   Case in point: Over the past month I have said countless times that we are revamping everything.  Be it the DML NEWS APP, the DML CBD bottles and labels, the TeamDML membership, and or the DML Podcast, from June 15 through Labor Day my team is revamping everything.

Allow me to state for the 1,000,001 time how we are revamping things.

For the past year, the DML PODCAST has aired via LIVE video on the website for paying members only at 11am EST.  This changed as of June 1, and it will continue to change for the coming months.   For starters, if and when I do a LIVE video it will be at 10am EST on   Starting this week coming, when I go LIVE on an alert will be sent to the DML NEWS APP.   If you are a member, you can go into the website and watch the entire program.  On days when I do an audio only podcast, it will be posted in full to at whatever time possible.  It could be early in the day, it could be at 10am, it could be late at night.  My schedule being what it is, I do the best I can.

In all cases, the free version of the DML Podcast, which is available on the DML NEWS APP, Apple iTunes, and most podcast networks, is an abbreviated version (50%) of the full program that is made available to paying members.

The Wine & Talk, which resumes this weekend, is a weekend only, audio only podcast.  It features my wife Mary and me speaking about “life” as we drink red wine for an hour.  We are tightening the program in the sense we will never mention politics again, we want to revert back to the roots of the program, which was originally all about having fun and living life to the fullest.  With this in mind, our new shows we will be focusing heavily on my never ending desire to bring back the days of “the white picket fence”.   The Wine & Talk program plays in full on for our members, and then it plays in part (50%) for non-members who listen for free on the DML NEWS APP.  The abbreviated version will also be available on Apple iTunes and other podcast networks.

I am speaking to other conservatives and talented folks about launching podcasts on the DML NEWS APP.  As I get older, I often feel more passionate about empowering new voices.  I want to teach our next generation of commentators how to get the message out to the masses.  My efforts to create awesome podcasts for you should not be overlooked.  I am planning to put $250,000 into the podcast programs over the next year.  Every aspect of the production will be better, the voices will be more than just mine, and our listening audience will be growing like wildfire.

We just finished our biggest BOGO (Buy One Get One free) in company history.   With that behind us, we are spending the next two months revamping almost everything.  Every product we sell will have a new label design.  We are improving our packaging, and we are streamlining our shipping.   We are launching a new website.  It will be filled with informative videos and testimonials, we will be improving our customer service channels, and we will be adding some new products.  Side note:  If you are waiting on your order for DML CBD FACE SERUM, as I have noted countless times we are suffering from a manufacturing issue.  I hope to have a new load of bottles in by the end of July.  If your order has not been filled, we will be contacting you by July 1.

TeamDML Membership
Over the past two years we have tried everything possible to find the perfect membership platform.  What’s the best price, what do people want, what can we consistently deliver… these are the questions we’ve tried to answer as we move forward each day.  Frankly, answering these questions has been as difficult as changing the tires on a moving car.  Ultimately, over the past few days, I decided to price the 2022 membership at $100 / year.  If you are someone who has paid $200 in the past, lucky you.  The 50% savings will be great.   If you are someone who has utilized the watered down membership for $5.99 per month ($72/year), well, the price is going higher.  However, with each new and existing membership, when you pay the $100 you will get the choice of a free DML CBD gift.  You can choose from any one of our DML CBD labeled products, meaning you will get it for free in exchange for your membership.  In essence, if you pick something like the DML CBD SOFTGELS ($80), you’ll end up paying peanuts for your membership.  If you select DML CBD POWER ($179), it will be as if I am paying you to be a member.   The $100 membership change will happen in September, but we are ramping up now to serve you better.  Also, I should add that we are close to announcing our second TeamDML Meet & Greet for November in the great state of Florida.  More on that announcement next week.

DML NEWS APP & Dennis Michael Lynch website
This is by far the biggest overhaul.  A new version of the DML NEWS APP is launching this week.  Everything is basically the same with the exception of the technology being modernized.   If you already use the app, you will have to update it via Google Play or Apple App depending on your devise.   I will speak about this over and over and over again during my  upcoming podcasts once the update is ready.  We will also run ads on the existing DML NEWS APP to alert users of the upgrade.   With this in mind, the website is also getting a facelift.  We are adding new features, while removing stuff we think is outdated and cumbersome.  Because website links to the app and vice verser, over the next few weeks, from time to time, you may see changes made.  The changes may confuse you.  For example, I have received a ton of email asking where the comments section has gone?  One person wrote, “DML, why are you silencing me.  Where is the comments section?”

I am not silencing anyone.  We have disabled the comments section while we make some revisions to the website and app.   We have every intention to turn on the comments section again.  It should happen over the next week to ten days.  All in, the website and the app will be a better set of tools for you to use when getting the news feed and my podcasts.

All in, I have a very busy summer.  My team is working hard on all fronts, and we hope to have all the changes in place by September.   As always, I appreciate your participation, your support, clicks, purchases, and shares.   We are here for you, and it’s nice to know you are here for us too.

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