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Dominion Voting Systems released a statement Thursday calling the audit of the 2020 election in Arizona’s Maricopa County an “irresponsible act” after Senate President Karen Fann questioned whether someone deleted a main database from the Election Management System last month.

“Dominion voluntarily provides access to voting machine equipment and information to auditors who have been accredited by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. We happily did so with the independent EAC-accredited providers that Maricopa County hired for system auditing earlier this year,” the company wrote in a statement obtained by 12 News reporter Brahm Resnik, one day after Fann raised questions with the Maricopa County Elections Department.

The article goes on to state the following:

Fann alleged the Senate-commissioned auditing firm Cyber Ninjas discovered an “entire ‘Database’ directory from the D drive of the machine ‘EMSPrimary’ has been deleted,” claiming the missing directory is covered by the Senate’s subpoena, which allows the group to seize elections materials for the audit.

On Wednesday, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann sent a letter to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, with a list of alleged discrepancies discovered by the contractors conducting the audit of the Nov. 3 election in the county.

Among the list of discrepancies was the allegation that a main database was deleted last month, and the number of ballots in the boxes aren’t matching the numbers indicated on the pink report slip for each boxes.

In their statement, Dominion claimed that the contractor hired to perform the audit, Cyber Ninjas, is not credible.

“If Cyber Ninjas went through the process of successfully obtaining EAC accreditation, Dominion would of course cooperate, as we do with all federally accredited auditors.

“However, not only is Cyber Ninjas unaccredited, but they have also already demonstrated bias and incompetence, including committing a serious breach of the secure chain of custody that protects voting equipment, which has been deemed by the U.S. government as critical infrastructure,” Dominion wrote.

In response to the letter from Fann with allegations of discrepancies discovered during the audit, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors responded, announcing an emergency meeting to be held at 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon with legal advisers, “to discuss unfounded allegations against the County.”

The notice further declares, “These allegations were brought by the inexperienced technology personnel with whom the Senate has contracted to review the election. These reckless allegations have and are causing confusion and agitation at the State Legislature.”

President Trump released a fiery statement Thursday afternoon in response to the allegations surrounding the audit.

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  1. You couldn’t see that coming! Dominion trying to discredit all the highly qualified auditors! One auditor has a higher IQ than the entire dominion team.

  2. My God enough of this! The election needs a do over and proof of voter ID and we’ll finally end this ludicrous election results! I trust NO ONE!

  3. Ah smell that? It’s the stench of FEAR from the thieves of the election. Their lives are on the line. The penalty of treason is death. They knew it before they did their dirty part in the biggest theft in history.

  4. Now Dominion is trying to cover their tracks. As expected. So filthy!!!

    Dominion will be happy to support someone that aligns with them politically but will attempt to discredit anyone else. Disgusting.

  5. Exactly! If they’ve done the job properly, why protest about any contractors the state has hired to check their accuracy ? This sniveling is akin to an admission of guilt!!!

  6. Deleted directories and files can be recovered if the drive has not been written to after the deletion or scrubbed.

  7. The more they fight, they look guilty. How about the 1,000 lawyers that came down to try and stop this. That is the problem with these idiots. They never do anything small it’s always extreme.. or should I say overkill.

  8. If only Dominion has the password to enter their machines, doesn’t that mean that they deleted the databases two days prior to the audit?

  9. Dominion raising their head Right after the data was just erased by the councilman All of whom need to be put before a firing squad for treason

  10. I would venture to say that Dominion is not credible. Fraud is being uncovered and lies from the left and their supporters are being thrown out there for the ignorant to believe.

  11. Getting rid of evidence always seems to work out in Democrats’ favor. They never suffer any consequences for doing so.

  12. No surprise here. Democrats can only win for now by cheating. They won’t need to cheat as soon as all the illegal aliens are granted asylum. They will be in power forever. GOP better get their shit together and have the balls to stop these shenanigans

  13. The reason we lost is because 99% of republicans do one of the following every single day:

    1) Drink booze
    2) Pop pills
    3) Smoke grass
    4) Smoke cigs
    5) Inhale vapor

    You do not have the mental capability to win ANY battle against fraud and you ‘backbone’ has been chemically removed. How else could someone steal an election right in front of the nations eyes and pay no severe consequence? In the old days, Washington and all other capital cities would have been overthrown and destroyed.

    You may not like it, but that is 100% the truth.

    We lost.

    Enjoy your life in a fog.


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