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Conservative radio host Larry Elder didn’t wait for the polls to close to claim the fix is in.

Elder, the leading Republican candidate for Tuesday’s California gubernatorial recall election, alleged that a “statistical analysis” to pinpoint fraud in elections “detected fraud in California resulting in Governor Gavin Newsom being reinstated as governor.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The petition on the Stop CA Fraud website , which is “Paid For By Larry Elder Ballot Measure Committee Recall Newsom,” reads: “As is the case, we implore you … our fellow citizens … to join us in this fight as you are able, primarily by signing our petition demanding a special session of the California legislature to investigate and ameliorate the twisted results of this 2021 Recall Election of Governor Gavin Newsom.”

KTLA reported that Republicans who attempted to cast their ballot at El Camino Real Charter High School were told that they already voted.

“About 70% of the votes at this location have been shown as already casted, and they have not.” a Burbank woman told the outlet.

West Hills resident Estelle Bender, 88, said her vote was already tallied as she went to cast her ballot, and told KTLA that she was not the only one.

Bender said that there was a “man next to me was arguing the same thing” and there were two other women outside the polling place with the same experience, adding that they were all Republicans.

“I’d still like to know how I voted,” Bender said.

Another couple who tried to vote at the Disabled American Veterans #73 polling station complained of the same experience.

“The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s office said in a statement that there were issues with the settings on devices used to check in voters prior to voting,” according to KTLA, noting that the issue has been resolved. But voters say that is not the case.


Sidney Powell, a member of Former President Donald Trump’s legal team to object the 2020 election, also spoke out about the California recall, exclaiming that it is already “marred with fraud.”


Trump, who still maintains that the 2020 presidential election was ripe with fraud and irregularities, also echoed the concerns that the California recall election will be ‘rigged.”

“Does anybody really believe the California Recall Election isn’t rigged?” Trump asked in a statement on Monday. “Millions and millions of Mail-In Ballots will make this just another giant Election Scam, no different, but less blatant, than the 2020 Presidential Election Scam!”

Gavin Newsom’s team seems confident that the governor will be victorious, adding that there’s no “scenario where we lose.”

According to the California Secretary of State’s office, there are 10,265,897 registered Democrats and 5,298,738 registered Republicans in California as of Aug. 30, 2021

All registered California voters have received a mail-in ballot, and nearly 7,367,000 ballots [33% of ballots] had been returned and accepted by mail and in-person altogether

CBS News reported that, 56% “of ballots are from registered Democrats, and about a quarter are from registered Republicans.”

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  1. The people of this country are toast! There will never be another fair election and republicans have done little, except for a few! They better think again if they think they will win in 2022 or 2024!

    • Are you ready to fight. Never depend on a wussie to fight for you.
      It means to really use that #2
      That’s the problem that Americans have That shot will be heard around the world The next thing they say oh the children will die
      Well they are killing our children and have to the number of 69 million American babies They propagandize And indoctrinate And they make them useless lazy idiots Waiting on free stuff While they inject them with human genetic code changers. All this while they have brought millions of Illegals to replace legal Americans with
      Don’t you think it’s time to do more than talk

    • All the hispanic americans, illegal aliens, union workers, state workers, hollyweird, nurses and docs, silicon valley, academia and young people all voted for governor greaseball. These same idiots aling with morenillegal aliens, ballot harvesting and cheating by Dominion coting systems will guarantee this devil finishes his term as governor.

  2. Biden’s own statement, when asked if again,, stating he didn’t know, or if Republicans will ever get back in. So we all know that this is their plan to rule the Country.

  3. We need to get all the frickin idiots out the to realize we are on thin ice of losing our Freedoms and everything else we have!! Let’s Come together and NOT GIVE IN!!!!

  4. I am a registered voter in Ca and never received my mail in ballot. I have since gone in person. I think this is very suspicious. NEWSOM will cheat at all costs. And to make a statement such as his office did stinks of fraud. Too many Californians are fed up with NEWSOM. It doesn’t matter what party you are from. Everyone is fed up with his policies and I mean there are so many people who want him gone! Keep fighting Mr Elder. You are the right choice for California. Hopefully auntie Nancy won’t get away with any shenanigans! Vote Larry Elder!! Vote YES YES YES on the recall! YES to no more NEWSOM! YES to bye bye NEWSOM.

  5. Being their election votes can be printed at home and scanned What would you expect
    Why is he even allowed to be on a ballot when the people want him gone. This election was about getting a new one in not keeping the one that the election is about
    God or war will be what removes him and his kind

  6. We are on to them. Such blatant fraud.
    If the person that has ID and states they haven’t voted.
    They demand a copy of the vote the stated was cast. Where is a signature verification that can be obtained with Driver licensed and this are all Republicans. Can Fraud against the American people be more obvious.
    Now we all know Trump won as this was the same system used and Newsome is Pelosi’s nephew.
    #Stop the steal

  7. All Democrats are evil and the election was all fraud and the republicans need to do their job and recount All the votes again and guck the Democrats for not letting the people vote

  8. This mail-in crap needs to stop! In person, ID, signature verification, no machines, citizens only, video of counting procedures with observers from both parties. Account for all ballots whereabouts at all times. One day only. ENOUGH!

  9. How the hell do you have more advanced and mail-in votes now than they had in both of 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. Hell these votes are only 100,000 less that Newsom’s total votes in 2018. Now remember 1.5 million voters were removed from the voter rolls in January 2021 and also California lost over 2 million in population between 2019 and December 2020. So it is impossible to have this number of votes before election day in 2021. You need a full audit starting Thursday.

  10. Si if the Californians what to be ruled by Communist so be it . They are the useful idiots for Newsome and Pelosi. Hope they do a full audit .

  11. They’re confident that Newsome will be reinstated❓ Oh yeah, because the election result had been cooked before it even started⁉️ Nothings new California❗️You’re going down the drained… its governance❗️💩😈👹

  12. 2 of my friends said that when they went to vote today at Orange Terrace Park in Riverside, Larry Elder was not an option on the screen but the lady at the computer next to her had him as an option. It was happening over and over that Larry Elder was not an option on certain machines.

  13. I’m in Southern California and it is election day 12:30pm and they basically have already called the election Newsom. Yesterday when Biden came out and had the rally with Newsom, they said they couldn’t see any scenario where Newsom wouldn’t win. Because they said there’s already so many votes that have come in that there isn’t enough Republican votes that could supercede or overtake the Newsom no on the recall. Now Republicans are not the only ones that are voting to have him recalled. It’s Independents and Democrats alike. And so for them to say that there wasn’t enough Republican votes to overtake the amount of votes that have already been mailed in is questionable in the first place.
    Now in the second place, there is definite wide open availability for fraud thanks to the Secretary of State of California. She went in about two weeks before the ballots went out and made a little law in there that said that ballots could be printed out from your own computer and you could fill it out and then mail them back in a regular envelope that was signed. That was basically for military that was out of the country or people that were severely disabled that needed to vote a different way than with the regular mail in ballots cuz they could do it electronically as well as printing a ballot. Then she went in about a week later and changed it to ANYONE can print out a ballot on their computer, fill it out and put it in a regular envelope sign it and mail it in.
    Here’s the thing, you can get a list registered voters from the Registrar of Voters list. You could just go through and print out a ballot for each of those people mail it in and as far as they’re concerned that person has voted. Its completely open to fraud. Today they are reporting people being told they already voted. At one of the voting place is 70% of the people are being told they already voted. And even though they take in their sealed ballots and show them that they have not voted, they will give them a provisional ballot. Well provisional ballots either get counted in 30 days or don’t get countered at all. So the for the most part getting a provisional ballot is throwing your vote in the trash. And besides how will they determine which is the legitimate vote your provisional Ballot or the one that supposedly was mailed in before?
    So in going through and doing these fraudulent ballots if you figure, some of them might get caught some of them won’t get caught maybe the signature will pass and some of the signatures won’t pass. but if you’re doing thousands of them and 50% of them get through then that’s all they need.
    Now it has been said that this was a test for what they’re going to do in the 2022 and 2024 elections. If they’re able to do this with the printing out ballots in California and get away with it, guess what you’re going to see come 2022 and 24.
    There was a lot of attention put on mailing millions of ballots out to every single registered voter. But if you have it where they’re printing it out no one really knows how many is being printed out. It leaves It Wide Open for fraud . Another caveat is they say that these ballots are basically impossible to even Trace because it’s a regular envelope they can print them out and there’s no way of knowing where they’re coming from or who’s doing it . We have to figure out a different way of voting like no mail in ballots or very very strict on who gets mail in ballots. I’m disabled so I used to always vote with a mail-in ballot until one time I got a postcard two months after I voted that said my vote had just been counted. So I could see that my vote really didn’t count at all
    What good does it do 60 days later. Ever since then I get myself down to the poles and I vote in person. So I’m getting ready to go vote right now and we’ll see if someone says I’ve already voted. But believe me if it comes back and says that I’ve already voted when I still have my mail in ballot in hand not opened there’s going to be hell to pay. We definitely need to do an investigation or audit. Larry Elder is getting something together that is demanding State of California to look into this if he gets enough signatures I guess. But that’s what we have to do we have to get this voting thing straightened out or we will never ever be able to have a fair election again anywhere. They obviously came to the realization that having a republican governor in California could really throw a lot of things off. because if Dianne Feinstein were to step down and the Governor appoints a replacement, that would be a Republican.
    A Republican Senator in CA would throw off their 50/50 for one thing. And they realized having California starting go red again would not be good for thaem because we basically are totally blue.
    The DNC also realized that Newsom had wanted to appoint himself as senator when Kamala Harris became VP and needed a replacement. but he was in the middle of a recall so he couldn’t do that. But if he wins this recall, believe me he will be appointing himself senator replacing Dianne Feinstein before he gets voted out of office in the next election, which is a year-and-a-half away.
    I knew there was going to be massive fraud with this election from the start. Two days after they mailed out the ballots there were hundreds of ballots that were stolen out of mailboxes and mail trucks. There was a guy caught with 300 ballots. Another one they had a video of two women going into apartment complexes with a master key from the post office and opening up the main mail box and taking all the ballots out of everybody’s mail. We personally found a bunch of ballots over in a parking lot that someone had stolen and I guess these were ones that got dropped because they were carrying too many. But that was just right from the beginning. That was a month ago. I’m sure there’s been all kinds of ballot stealing since then. The Democrats are absolutely determined they are not going to lose if they have to cheat or anyway they can to do it, they’ll do it. Unfortunately there’s a lot of other dishonest people that are helping them.

  14. Plain and simple if Joe Biden showed up he didn’t know there’s something wrong Joe Biden showed up because newsome is related to pelosi and them two are best buddies doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out

  15. Look up Dominion Voring Systems and its ties to Newsom vs Cox gubernatorial race. A Venezuelan employee of Smartmatic-Dominion swore on an affidavit that the aforementioned Calif governor race was flipped by Dominion to favor Newsom when Cox had actually cleared more votes.

    As long as our republitard party leaders do nothing and we dont have election reform, the democrats will continue cheating and eventually lock this nation into a one prty undefeatable system.

  16. It’s terrible to see the demoRat Crooks at it again. I lived in CA for 30 years and saw the demoRats destroying the beautiful state of CA. My whole family had to leave the state. We couldn’t live there any more because we were taxed to death to pay for liberal money wasting stupid projects, etc, etc.

  17. They all tell me it’s my civic duty to vote
    But it doesn’t seen too do much good in our evil society
    Corruption is their middle name

  18. Enough of this complaining bullshit! The white hats need to do something and fast! If you got all the evidence then F’ing use it! If there is truly a game plan and covert action needs to complete first how much longer is this going to take? Military need to take over already while we still have one! LETS F’ing DO IT ALREADY!!!!!!


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