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The top federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., said Thursday that his office has brought 55 cases against members of the mob that overran the Capitol, and that he’s open to adding serious felony charges against both those involved in and those who helped instigate the riot.

Michael Sherwin, the acting U.S. Attorney for D.C., said that the charges were brought in the district’s federal and local courts and that more could follow, adding that “all options are on the table.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“This is an organic, fluid situation but we will continue to aggressively pursue charges for all federal offenses based on the evidence both in the superior court side and in the federal court side,” Sherwin said on a call with reporters.

Sherwin said at least one person arrested came heavily armed, with a “military semi-automatic rifle” and 11 Molotov cocktails that were “ready to go.”

Fox News reporter Jake Gibson said Sherwin told them the actions of the Capitol Police, “made our job more difficult,” specifically not detaining suspects as they left the Capitol. “Why they weren’t zip-tied as they left the building, I don’t know.” Said Mr. Sherwin.

CNN anchor Ana Cabrera tweeted, “JUST IN: Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin says they are looking at all actors involved in the unrest at the US Capitol on Wednesday, including the role President Donald Trump played in inciting the crowd.”

Investigative reporter Catherine Herridge shared a photo of explosive devices which police found. She said in a Twitter post, “From Acting US Attorney Michael Sherwin – two pipe Bombs, one near RNC + second, DNC “not a hoax” + “were viable,” ongoing forensics to identify bombmaker + whether timers rigged for max casualties IMAGES first reported.”

Washington Post reporter Keith Alexander tweeted, “A person arrested at Capitol had “military style automatic weapon and 11 molotov cocktails” acting U. S. Attorney for D. C. Michael Sherwin said. 40 people have been charged so far. They expect more. Also national security concerns because paperwork and computers were stolen out of several offices of senators. Sherwin also said Capitol Police’s failure to arrest or zip tie the hundreds inside the Capitol has made the jobs of prosecutors more challenging in that they now have to “identify and find” the suspects.

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    • Obviously this federal prosecutor is a socialist democrat.No arrest or prosecution for BLM and Antifa.
      Where in the hell is the justice in that ?

      • No arrests or prosecution for the terrorists that rioted in DC during President Trumps inauguration. Where were the police and National guard then ? Where was the DC federal prosecutor then ? Answer watching and rooting. How this whole situation was handled is disgusting and criminal

  1. Have the feds charged the police officer with murder for killing Ashlie Babbit????

    Is anyone going to make people “say her name”???

  2. It’s a crime against the people of the united states of america and Trump had Nothing to do with it and I mean nothing to do with it ,my opinion is the cia used this to set Trump up his own rally they used antifascist to stir up the crowd then led them down to break in the capital did anyone see the capital police just let the crowd in and didn’t make any arrest they used the passion of the people against them selves . I’m just wondering why there was no real protection in the first place and no arrests made the day of by the capital police???????!!!!!!!!!! Just my two cents

  3. The federal prosecutors can kiss my arse. They go full bore after these knuckleheads while they sit on Hunter Biden’s laptop for over a year. That laptop contained evidence of child pornography , sedition, treason, extortion and many other felonies.

    Watch yourselves people. Our government and federal law enforcement are corrupt and can never be trusted.

  4. Suddenly how everyone is calling for blood over “rioters” when the shit has gone on all year with burning killing looting but no one gives a big shit about that

  5. Why weren’t they this damn fast in arresting the protesters in Minneapolis? We all remember the horror of that. Kamala Harris‘s group posting bail for them.

  6. Fine.
    Be sure a put them in cells along those holding BLM and Antifa actors.
    They all get a pass because they are NSD commie puppets.

  7. This was a set up…nothing about anyone being on suspension pending investigation … odd. Now they say they have identified some individuals BUT note how they comment their job is very difficult due to incompetency of police … guess who they won’t be identifying. It’s been easy for corrupt officials to brainwash idiots… it truly does take an idiot to buy only an idiot to buy these half ass stories.
    I am sorry about Ashlie, I find it hard to believe she willingly went alone to climb in a broken window. I don’t feel the shot was fired from inside, the ones around her had no clue who she was from what I heard on the video. Out of all the people there it was a white female with military background who was shot. Was she really shot climbing in or was she shot while being forced in, one said she was shot from behind so who really did it ? Odd odd odd

  8. Well, did they arrest anyone back in the summer and fall for rioting, burning business, killing people, the groups known as antifa and BLM. Maybe they got the ones in with the Trump supporters.


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