UPDATE: Fired NYC professor speaks out after machete threat, cursing at students

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The Manhattan college arts professor who was fired after threatening a Post reporter with a machete and cursing out anti-abortion students claimed Wednesday that she’s the victim — arguing the school had “capitulated” to racists and misogynists by terminating her.

Shellyne Rodriguez, 45, was axed from Hunter College on Tuesday, just hours after she was filmed holding the blade to the veteran reporter’s neck while spewing menacing remarks outside her Bronx apartment.

Rodriguez lashed out after the reporter identified himself and knocked on her door to ask her for an interview regarding the viral footage of her flipping out on pro-life students at Hunter College on May 2.

Rodriguez said in a statement to ARTnews that the saga had “taken a toll on my mental health.”

Rodriguez claimed she had been “inundated with vile and hateful emails, texts and voicemails” after video was released of her attack on anti-abortion students hit the internet. She was filmed telling students that their pro-life pamphlets were “f–king propaganda.”

She was told to issue an apology by the college’s administration, and she had issued one. Then, she says, the video hit the news.

“Yet before the process could be completed, on May 19th, Students for Life circulated a manipulated video of the incident on social media and mobilized their members and supporters to attack me,” she said.

She said the incident and fallout had robbed her of her “sense of safety” and had created a “reasonable fear that they would show up at my home to cause me physical harm, as has happened with so many other women who have similarly had their personal info exposed as a form of politically motivated harassment.”

She did not address the machete incident.

UPDATE: Unhinged professor who cursed out students holds machete to reporter’s neck. WATCH!

VIDEO: Art of the freak out: NYC college professor curses out anti-abortion students

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  1. Los Macheteros! Will Alvin the chipmunk find a way to present dish to a grand jury?
    Don’t hold your breath!
    Tons of fun in the district attorneys chair hasn’t heard anything about this! Positively and absolutely, fatso knows nothing!

  2. Blacks are trash never have a friend black and never will they are a garbage race of THIEFS, liars, cons, criminal and murderers they are the trash of the all the human race

  3. Could
    You imagine he outrage if a white professor held a machete to a black reporter? Seriously- she triggered me!!!!!

  4. You need mental health help! You are not a teacher in any form. Your actions show who you truly are. You are the reason for the division that is happening all over the country. I DO NOT agree with your opinions but I would not be destructive or hold a machete to someone’s throat or harm you because of your beliefs. If you disagree about something, walk away from it. That’s how I was brought up. You placed yourself in to the situation you’re in. Respect is earned, not given. When you’re a monster, you’ll be treated that way.

  5. Wow..she really needs help! Keep in mind that many people in colleges are getting paid to do these protests…I read it was close to $22/hr!

  6. If she were truly a professor she would welcome different points of view and allow students to discuss instead of threatening. This is what our colleges offer now. My way or the highway

  7. Lady (?I think) your not a victim you are an irresponsible educator without scruples ‼️ These young students are the promise of tomorrow because you did not like there stance on Abortion you thought it was a “one-way street” & your opinion was the one that mattered‼️ Your Marxist leftist obstructionists view is very slanted.. funny thing I never knew what my College Professors were Politically ‼️
    You should be fired permanently ‼️ your not an educator your a Dictator & you think only your opinion matters


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