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The arsonist who torched the Fox News Christmas tree Wednesday allegedly exposed himself to a group of reporters outside the Ghislaine Maxwell trial in Manhattan last week, a photographer told The Post.

Craig Tamanaha, 49, was captured on camera moments after pulling down his pants to show his privates to members of the media on the first day of the high-profile trial of Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend, said Jeenah Moon, a freelance journalist.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I saw him walking around the square where media parks. He had a little weird behavior,” said Moon, who works for multiple outlets including Reuters.  “He exposed himself to a female photographer and other people.”

Moon shared a photo on Instagram of Tamanaha being escorted away from the Manhattan Federal Courthouse by police on Nov. 29.

“Craig Tamanaha who accused of setting the fire the Christmas tree outside News cooperation headquarters. I photographed him during the Maxwell trial he exposed himself outside the court then he got escorted to NYPD,” Moon explained.


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Now, after setting fire to the Fox News Christmas tree, Tamanaha is reportedly a free man again, and has been released from jail without bail.

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  1. This is insane behavior by the DA Vance in NYC. This man clearly needs psychological help. Stop putting him out on the street, he needs real medical attention. If he harms anyone , DA Vance should be arrested from failure to perform his sworn duty and Walton and willful gross negligence.

  2. Lunatic illegal maggot needs to be put in a straight jacket and sent directly to asylum for criminally insane before he hurts someone


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