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The family of missing woman Gabby Petito responded Friday night after news emerged that the Florida family of her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, claimed they haven’t seen him since Tuesday.

“All of Gabby’s family want the world to know that Brian is not missing, he is hiding. Gabby is missing,” the law office of Richard B. Stafford, attorney for the Petito and Schmidt families, said in a statement.

The article goes on to state the following:

But police in North Port, about 85 miles south of Tampa, stressed late Friday that Laundrie was not considered a suspect in Gabby Petito’s disappearance.

“It is important to note that while Brian is a person of interest in Gabby’s disappearance, he is not wanted for a crime,” North Port police said in a statement. “We are not currently working a crime investigation. We are now working a multiple missing person investigations.”

On Saturday morning, police confirmed that multiple law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, have been searching Carlton Reserve for Laundrie after his family cited it as his last known location.

Laundrie was last seen on Tuesday, and his family reported him missing on Friday night.

Gabby Petito and Laundrie were seen together on either Aug. 25 or 26, according to the owner of a shop in Idaho, to East Idaho News reports.

The Victor shopkeeper said Petito and Laundrie were in her store for nearly 20 minutes.

“Brian and Gabby came to Rustic Row. They told me they were traveling from Florida. They had just been to Teton Park and they said they were interested in going to Yellowstone and I told them they could go to the west entrance. They seemed happy and when they left, she hollered back from the door that they were engaged and then I said congratulations,” the owner told the outlet.

She said she reported the sighting to the FBI when news of Petito’s disappearance became public.

BREAKING: Gabby Petito case: Brian Laundrie is now also missing, his attorney says

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  1. The last person seen with this girl of 22 drove away in her van after a serious dispute and moved his belongings out of the storage unit.
    This said person shows up in Florida without Gabby or even reported where he last saw her.
    Do you know how much cash a criminal defense attorney needs to be retained? Hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    Cuba does not have extradition and and he has family there .
    Follow the money to the attorney.
    The family are accomplices and the attorney is complicit.
    Then why run, why fly back to get the van after he is home in Florida, last person seen with her, drives her van back to Florida without her and reports nothing to her parents ???
    Cover up
    Person of interest are not allowed to leave the state.

  2. Interesting Ginger. I think he is 100%guilty and his parents are covering but I didn’t know he had family in Cuba. What your saying makes sense. If he weren’t guilty of a crime he would have been transparent with the police and reported her missing long before he returned to Florida. I hope they catch this guy and gmfind Gabby

  3. I think Brian told his parents where he was headed to elude the FBI. He’s headed in the opposite direction. They need to look at that and hopefully they will. He knows the allagators are swamped there so why would he tread that terrain?


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