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The distraught mother of murdered Gabby Petito dabbed tears from her eyes in a courtroom today as she listened to her lawyer blast the actions of killer Brian Laundrie’s parents as ‘callous and shameful’.

Nicole Schmidt, 41, also toyed nervously with a necklace as she sat with former husband Joseph Petito, 42, the father of the adventurous 21-year-old who was strangled on a van-life road trip with Laundrie in Wyoming last summer.

The article goes on to state the following:

The devastated mother and father are suing Christopher and Roberta Laundrie, alleging they knew their son had murdered Gabby after he returned to their Florida home alone – and tried to help him flee authorities.

Petito’s parents filed a civil lawsuit in March alleging that Laundrie informed his parents he killed Petito days before she was reported missing, and the suit claims the parents are guilty of ‘inflicting intentional emotional distress’ by issuing a statement that they are hopeful of a successful end to the search, though they were already aware that Petito was dead.

The Wednesday hearing was held to consider the Laundries’ motion to dismiss the case. The judge is expected to issue a written decision in two weeks, the report notes.

“This is case not simply about the silence of Robert and Christopher Laundrie who knew their son had brutally murdered Gabby Petito,” their attorney Patrick Reilly told Sarasota County Court. “It’s about a course of conduct that they committed from when they learned on August 28, 2021 that their son had brutally murdered Gabby Petito.”

Reilly argued that the Laundries could have made an anonymous call while they knew Gabby’s parents were ‘desperately searching’ for information.


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  1. Nobody knows anything. Every single person who claims they know whether his parents knew anything or hid anything are literally making it up.
    There have been zero facts. Only tons of speculation.

  2. Isn’t this aiding & abetting. Wouldn’t they be considered accomplices since they helped him escape. How terrible of them both to stay silent. He murdered someone & they knew it. They should be jailed!

  3. In my opinion this is just for notoriety and greed, nothing is going to bring either child back. Both families have suffered losses and need to be able to greave without this type of crap. Nothing can prove either family knew anything other than what evidence has been found, anything else is pure conjecture.


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