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Florida continues to report the lowest daily coronavirus cases per capita in the nation as blue states see significant spikes, with the trend now continuing weeks on end.

According to the New York Times’ coronavirus data tracker, Florida is reporting the lowest number of daily cases per 100,000 in the nation, sitting at seven.  Hawaii and Alabama are tied right behind, reporting eight daily cases per capita.

The article goes on to state the following:

While Alabama and Hawaii have lingered near the bottom, Florida has, for weeks now, reported the lowest cases per capita in the nation — a phenomenon largely ignored by the establishment media, which battered Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) throughout the pandemic as he refused to both embrace extended lockdowns or implement a statewide mask mandate.

“They don’t want to tell you this, but Florida for like almost a month has been either the lowest or one of the lowest COVID in the entire country,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said last month. “You see it surging in other parts. The corporate media, they don’t like it when it surges in other parts. They only like it when it surges in places that they don’t like.”

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  1. Someone done something right, all I hear is mask mask mask, vaccine vaccine vaccine, booster booster booster! I never hear masks optional, it’s your choice to take the vaccine or not. This virus isn’t going anywhere, and what’s happening is people getting the shot is causing the mutations and variants every so often. Everything is very politicized on everything and anything, I’m sure if Florida was a blue state that cases will be sky high!!! That’s my 2 cents, no one is gonna do anything about this because they are all scared to do something. I don’t get all the firings of critical people in the workforce like healthcare and emergency for not having this jab. America will never wake up as long as some are still sleep in dream land

  2. How long can it stay that way With millions of illegals coming from all over the world.
    And every person from the democrat controlled sickest states Moving into Florida
    The communists who are in our chambers are always looking up ways to destroy .
    👋Soros and Bloomberg ran thousands of illegals into Virginia out numbering the citizens And giving them rights to vote. Thus taking over the state. Then they ran a Republican clothed democrat in for governor.
    👋So watch as they load the state up with their kind. Of voter
    And a added Beni bring in their Viruses that kill. Removing the title of least cases

  3. Yep!! Despite the crooked Biden Nazi party sending thousands of
    People in the middle of the
    Night from other countries into Florida!! I say send them to the White House lawn!!!!!!!!!

  4. It’s all based on testing. The more you test the more cases you register. Quit testing and the numbers go down. The PCR test is notably unreliable, especially when the cycles are ramped up. It creates false positives. And if a sick person tests multiple times each is listed as a new case. The PCR test is an EUA and will be discontinued at the end of the year because it did not gain approval.


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