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A judge has granted the motion to dismiss a Georgia case alleging voter fraud in Fulton County during the 2020 election on the grounds that the petitioners, who are members of voting integrity group VoterGA, lack the legal standing to make the charges.

Superior Court Judge Brian Amero decided Wednesday that “regardless of the veracity of [fraud] allegations, the Court finds Petitioners have still failed to allege a particularized injury.” The lawsuit sought an independent investigation of Fulton County’s 147,000 absentee ballots amid allegations that a substantial number had been cast fraudulently for Joe Biden, possibly costing then-President Trump a victory in the county.

The article goes on to state the following:

As a “coalition of citizens ,” VoterGA does not have the right to sue because “no single voter is specifically disadvantaged if a vote is counted improperly, even if the error might have a mathematical impact on the final tally and thus on the proportional effect of every vote.”

The lawsuit was filed by nine Georgia voters and spearheaded by Garland Favorito, a longtime critic of Georgia’s election systems. The suit relied heavily on sworn affidavits from several people who participated in a hand recount of the ballots and said they saw suspicious-looking ballots.

Expressing frustration after the ruling, Favorito insisted that his team had “prepared diligently to show the evidence of our allegations,” adding, “All citizens of Georgia have a right to know whether or not counterfeit ballots were injected into the Fulton Co. election results, how many were injected, where they came from and how we can prevent it from happening again in future elections. It is not adequate for any organizations to secretly tell us there are no counterfeit ballots and refuse to let the public inspect them.”

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement Wednesday blasting the judge’s ruling.

“Here we go again. After a very long wait, a judge in Georgia refuses to let us look at the ballots, which I have little doubt are terrible. This whole situation is a disgrace to our Country. Why can’t the public see the ballots?” Trump asked.

“Our Country is going to hell and we are not allowed transparency even in our Elections. The people of Georgia deserve to know the truth. So unfair to them and our Country,” he continued. “The fight continues, we will never give up. Our Elections are so corrupt and nobody wants to do anything about it!”

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    • Yes, these judges are either Obama appointees, or they have been bribed or threatened! This is a disgrace, and if we can’t get fair elections, we need to find states to join, and secede from the nation. That sounds drastic, I know but this has gone to far, and times like this require drastic measures. This judge makes no sense at all, in his statement. I ask for everyone to flood the judge, the senators, and the legislators with phone calls, emails,& snail mail! God help us!

    • Exactly! It’s time to split the country. Blue states, red states, and let them be socialist, while we in red states keep our freedoms! If we can’t fight this BS in court, we have no other option!

    • Yes, it’s time. Taking these aholes to court is our only option, and it is being stonewalled by corrupt judges. We have no choice. I say let’s divorce! Red states, blue states, and in red we keep our freedoms, while they implement socialism in the blue states! Then let’s see, who survives!

  1. These leftist judges need to be removed and shot for treason. It amazes me many corrupt people are in this country. Do they really think if they ever take us down. And these higher ups will let them live. Not. They would have served their purpose and they will get rid of them. Don’t you know that? They will offer up their children and family to be part of this satanic cult.

    • They are being paid off, or threatened. The FBI, DOJ, CIA AND NSA ARE ALL INFILTRATED! Thanks to the GOP, WE DIDNT GET AN INVESTIGATION INTO ELECTION, AND SO BIDEN WON. IF TRUMP WAS IN, WE WOULD NOT BE HAVING ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS! After dems wasted 30 million tax dollars,our money, and 3 yrs of our time, on endless investigations of Trump- WE COULD NOT GET AN INVESTIGATION OF OUR ELECTION! Bull crap! The 2020 election was full of fraud, YET THERE ARE ONLY A FEW REPUBS TALKING ABOUT FAIR ELECTIONS! Do they really think they will win, in 2022, or 2024?!? Hell no! Dems will just keep cheating!

  2. Time to sue the judges personally. Make them accountable for their corruption. It may open a can of worms for the liberals. But these judges need to be disbarred.

    • The democrat party has all power right now! They have the DOJ, FBI, IRS, NSA, AND NEWS MEDIA, BIG TECH. THEY GO AROUND THREATENING OR PAYING OFF PEOPLE. IN 2015 George Sorros organized a meeting of billionaires at Mandarin Hotel in New York. He got all these billionaires to donate money to stop Trump, and further leftist causes! There is Sorros, and other commies money behind a lot of this. It’s time to secede from the dems! NO TAXATION WITHOUT. REPRESENTATION! I’m sick of these corrupt Marxist/COMMIES. THE DEM PARTY IS NOW THE NEW MARXIST PART! The enemy is sitting in our White House!

  3. The dems planned this for years they are very good at what they do, I think we lost and America lost, they’re taking over and they have all of us right where they want us, no patriots are brave enough to rise against them and they know it, I quit

    • Dont quit That’s what these Satanists want . let them expose all of them . The time will come and we will get every single one of them . You have to lose a few battles to win in the long run . Justice works slow.

    • We can’t quit! Something is going to happen, I know it! We have to do things to fight all these aholes, and there are things we can do! God is with us. Go to my FB page, and look under video of nurses protesting mandates. There is a list of things we can do! Don’t give up! This is still our country! Screw these aholes!

    • Exactly! Obama appointed judge! We know exactly what’s happening. And know who is on our side? The police, the rank and file military, the bikers, the hunters, and the biggest group of middle class Americans OF EVERY COLOR AND RELIGION, the world knows! We will get our country back!

    • We have to save ourselves! We the people have to do it! The do nothing repubs aren’t going to do it. They blew their chance, when they FAILED TO GET US, AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE 2020 Pres election! It was full of FRAUD! So, we the people unite, and we fight. There are plenty of things we can do! But we can’t give up!

    • Exactly! We have to be courageous, and we have to be prepared to possibly lose our jobs, our money, our comforts. If we don’t fight, tho we will lose all those and more!

  4. Get this asshole judge fired and because he is being paid by the Democrats so he will be very sorry what’s he has done wrong wrong creep

  5. These corrupt judges are the main bar to resolving the allegations of massive election fraud. Never have the American people been more sorely in need of some exemplary justice.

  6. What a POS! I’m sure Hillary was under that bench with her claws around his favorite parts. Nobody can be that stupid, but I find myself saying that a lot and being truly amazed by the dumb stuff I’m seeing happen everyday. It doesn’t affect a single voter? He’s right, it only affects this ENTIRE COUNTRY! Can a judge be fired? There are several that should be at this point. 😡🤡

  7. So would the losing candidate, President Trump, have been the one person harmed not have standing? What happened to his law suits? Oh that’s right they would not even hear them claiming there was not enough evidence to change the outcome. Well here is your evidence. Can he re-file his law suit to at least expose the corruption. I may have this mixed up with one of the other states or the Supreme Court case but you get the idea.

  8. I am so tired of all this Marxist BS! Time to start meeting people, and prepare because things are about to get bad! We outnumber them, tho. And we have the Constitution and Bill of Rights to stand on. Hopefully it won’t end up, like the French Revolution!

  9. If these judges can completely overrule the wishes of the people, they obviously have too much power. On the other hand, if this one judge was bribed or threatened, it wouldn’t stop the dems from bribing a whole courtroom full of judges. That’s more or less what they’ve done. One judge at a time.

  10. Corrupt liberal Judges rule “no standing” or other technicalities to end search for truth and justice. Traitorous media reports “no evidence found” and the fraud isn’t just allowed but, now part of the process going forward!

    If our talk and debate doesn’t work!
    And our legal recourse is dismissed!
    And our protest is prosecuted!
    And our peaceful dissent is silenced!
    And we are at every turn canceled!

    Then, this is the tyranny our Founding Fathers warned us about! Maybe, it is time to exercise the last resort tools that our Founding Fathers gave us for this situation!?

    And let’s be clear, EVERY DEMOCRAT IS GUILTY! They are pure evil and the fools that vote for Democrats out of ignorance are just as guilty!

    The tree of Liberty must be shaken from time to time!

  11. 2022 all these judgesgoing toprisonyeap watch you not doing your job and not following the constitution it’s coming Biden be gone soon then you gone too


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