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The Nevada Supreme Court ruled Thursday that gunmakers are not responsible for the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas because the companies have immunity, citing a state law shielding manufacturers from liability.

The court unanimously decided in favor of Colt Manufacturing Co., Sportsman’s Warehouse and other gun manufacturers in a 2019 lawsuit brought by the parents of one woman killed in the Las Vegas shooting, according to a local NBC station.

The article goes on to state the following:

The family of Carrie Parsons, of Seattle, alleged the manufacturers were liable because they knowingly violated several state and federal laws by selling guns that could be modified by bump stocks to shoot automatically.

Judge Kristina Pickering ruled that the court cannot overrule state law which shields the manufacturers from any responsibility.

“We in no way underestimate the profound public policy issues presented or the horrific tragedy the Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting inflicted,” Pickering wrote in the ruling. “But this is an area the Legislature has occupied extensively. If civil liability is to be imposed against firearm manufacturers and distributors in the position of the gun companies in this case, that decision is for the Legislature, not this court.”

“We urge the legislature to act if it did not mean to provide immunity in situations like this one,” Pickering added.

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    • 100% correct! This was a well orchestrated false flag event. Who were “THEY” actually going for? The Prince? Someone else? We do know it wasn’t all the people who were shot, that was the diversion.

  1. There was a huge coverup by the government, probably much to do with with Obama’s FBI that he badly corrupted. Since Obama was a Muslim and the Los Vegas Massacre had Muslims involved of course the truth would be hard to find. The government sure clammed up did they not?

  2. If they do ever hold gun makers responsible then they need to hold every beer, liquor company responsible if anyone is killed by a drunk driver!!They are responsible for the person getting drunk since they make the product!!!!

  3. So it’s the gun manufacturers fault that a crazy person takes a gun and shoot somebody. What are the car manufacturers going to do when a wreck takes place? Are we going to hold the bicycle companies responsible for well when someone is injured on a bicycle. Are we going to hold the pharmaceutical companies responsible for when a person does a drug overdose. Are the doctors going to be held responsible when a patient dies. Another crazy liberal judge. Now they’re holding parents responsible for their irresponsible children. Are they going to all the food industry is responsible when a person has a food allergy and gets sick or dies. This judgment opens the doors for a lot of crazy lawsuits.

  4. The biggest mass shooting in U.S. history, and it was aimed at MAGA supporting country-western fans. Meanwhile, the media coverup continues.

    • Stop blaming the gun NOT the shooter is insane!! Problem is that you can’t collect monies from the dead so they blame the Gun Manufacturer, shameful!


  6. There is no lack of stupidity Not getting the ones who did it and set it up. Disney owns the Mandelay hotel And the employees of that hotel were (some ) were known as terrorists. But only after the gun maker
    Apparently the idiot who does the crime is protected.As always ! How about those that were witnesses they killed one by one. Never and arrest
    Corrupt government! !!!!!!!!!’

  7. This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. I guess they will hold the car makers responsible for the Christmas parade murders next. Has the Supreme Court lost their minds.
    Praying for God to show us the way to stop this madness before it is to late.

  8. The KEY statement was, the Court can’t overrule the State Law that shields gun manufacturers.
    PERIOD It goes to show you the POWERS that the States have over the Court System.

  9. People kill people not guns, cars, etc. im glad they were exonerated but who’s really responsible here. Obviously the kookY coward who blew his brains out after he killed 100 people. But I’m thinking tha Mandalay was negligent in letting the murderer haul all that artillery in a hotel like that. God bless all the country loving souls who perished.❤️


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