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The FBI on Wednesday raided Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar’s home and campaign office in Texas as part of a wide-ranging federal probe relating to the former Soviet state of Azerbaijan and several U.S. businessmen, a source familiar with the matter told ABC News.

A federal grand jury in Washington is investigating the matter, but it’s unclear if Cuellar is a target of the grand jury’s probe, ABC News was told.

The article goes on to state the following:

Cuellar, who represents Texas’ 28th Congressional District along the U.S.-Mexico border, has been in Congress since 2005. In recent years he has served as a co-chair of the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus, and repeatedly met with Azerbaijan officials, including the ambassador of Azerbaijan, Elin Suleymanov.

Cuellar’s office released a statement Wednesday evening during the raid, saying, “Congressman Cuellar will fully cooperate in any investigation. He is committed to ensuring that justice and the law are upheld.”

The mysterious FBI raid on Cuellar’s home took place Wednesday evening:

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  1. Shouldn’t challenge OBiden on border !! Look out Sinema and Manchin you are next !!! The OBiden cartel in DC eliminating their non conformist !!!

  2. I think its all about Cuellars Defiance of JB southern border policy failures. His district stretches from San Antonio to the Southern Border town Laredo. Democrats will sacrifice one of their own to send a msg to other dissenters.

  3. But that jessica who’s challenging him sure is hoping it’s bad news for Rep Cuellar, huh?! She didn’t need to release a statement and she looks like a circling shark to me.


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