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Democratic New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney, who is projected to lose his bid for reelection against a little-known truck driver, is talking about “recently found” ballots to support his refusal to concede the race.

The defiant incumbent released a statement to the Philadelphia Inquirer on Thursday that explained why he is not ready to admit defeat to his Republican challenger.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The results from Tuesday’s election continue to come in, for instance there were 12,000 ballots recently found in one county,” Sweeney said in an email, not naming the county. “While I am currently trailing in the race, we want to make sure every vote is counted. Our voters deserve that, and we will wait for the final results.”

The Associated Press called the race on Thursday night, with roughly 2,000 votes between the two candidates and 100% of precincts reporting.

The report notes that Sweeney has held the seat for 20 years and has served as the state Senate’s president since 2010.

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  1. Isn’t funny that a Democrat that lost an election, mysteriously finds 12,000 ballots that haven’t been counted. Trying to rig another election.

  2. Yes very interesting but not shocking that NOW that its a dem.ALL of a sudden we need election integrity that most of our ” fine ” judges DENIED Trump.. All my support is with the truck driver the REAL.candidate and i can hope AGAINST murphy the epic failure

  3. Wow… Here we go again.. Found under a table?? Found still being put thru the vote counter for the 3 rd time?? Found in a shed behind the democrats house… Democrats are have n will CHEAT THEIR ASSES OF TO RETAIN POWER.. GET THEN DA FUK OUT OF OFFICE. JERSEY YINS LUKE WHAT MURPHY DID N U AINT SEEN NOTHING YET.. YOU FOOLISH PEOPLE

  4. Classic Democrat election. Close call, losing, and surprise! Ballots are found.
    Suggestion – whoever is in charge of a precinct goes to JAIL if legitimate votes are found LATE. 5 years in prison for fouling up the election. That ought to eliminate some of the aiding and abetting.

  5. Wow, how come they always find democratic ballot in the middle if the night! Always cheating! Must be he cemetery ballots that got delivered late! Democrats can’t win without cheating!

  6. Cheating and lying is the democrats way of winning. They always print the extra ballots needed to be found just in time after the count reveals just how many they need to win.

  7. Look up 2018 Wisconsin governor race between Republican Scott Walker and Democrat Tony Evers. Around midnight, Milwaukee county ‘found’ 49,000 absentee ballots. It takes around 8 hours for 3 people to go thru the process and count 2000 absentee ballots. Amazingly they were able to find enough people to count the ballots and declare the winner in the morning! Seriously people need to understand how long the process takes in their own states then they will have a grip on the amount of fraud that happens after midnight

  8. I’m trying to remember who called this. Said it would happen just like it’s unfolding. PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! This government is not above doing anything they have to in order to keep their power. I hope the truck driver gets a good attorney and fights this.
    I believe they “found” 12,000 ballots about as much as I believe 81 million flesh and blood voters gave their votes to a man who can’t even manage to get 200 people to show up when he has rally. Most of his are either six feet under or imaginary!

  9. Amazing how 12000 ballots miraculously appear AGAIN. Come on man the NJ Senate leader lost, but that won’t stop Democrats from trying to steal an election.

  10. Not sure how 12,000 ballots show up after 100% of the vote is in.
    This is the importance of Voter ID and a National Voter Registration Data Bank.

  11. The powerful yet defeated Democrat Senate Leader who has been in his position for twenty years “just found another 12,000 uncounted votes in one county.” I bet. The only surprise here is how very BLATANT the abuse of voting laws has become. I agree with the strong suggestion above that every one responsible in a precinct where such “uncounted” votes are found should face prison time.
    We need to fix three things: voting without ID, incomplete/erroneous mail-in ballots, and vote counting done without many BOOTS ON THE GROUND after midnight. Abuse of any of the above should carry jail time. Let’s get serious about this!!!

  12. He loss so all of a sudden 12,000 no doubt phoney ballots were found all in his favor. These people are sick. I don’t care what party it is. 13 frigging Rinos voted with the Dems on the infrastructure bill that has nothing to do with infrastructure. If they didn’t join it never would of passed.


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