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A nationwide manhunt over a bloody, thought-to-be-abducted woman in New Jersey was sparked by an accident and a bizarre misunderstanding, police told The Post Friday.

The unnamed woman — who was spotted screaming and bleeding inside a tractor-trailer on Route 130 Wednesday — was hurt when her husband hit the brakes to avoid an accident, South Brunswick Police Deputy Chief Jim Ryan said.

The article goes on to state the following:

The woman, who was standing between the cab and the sleeper of the rig,  flew forward and was left bleeding and screaming, he said.

A nationwide,multi-agency search for the truck was sparked after a worker from a car rental company nearby called the police upon seeing the screaming woman. He did not see the near accident that preceded it, Ryan said.

“He’s standing in a parking lot and he hears someone yell ‘help,’” he said.

Using surveillance footage, and tips, police were able to track down the 50-something married couple. They ultimately determined there was no foul play.

After media reports of the incident, police received at least 100 calls about possible sightings, from Texas to California, Ryan said.

“It’s amazing what people can do if they mobilize,” he said. “I’m glad the outcome was positive.”

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  1. I don’t believe it. Why would she scream “help” and the ” husband” just take off instead of pulling over to help her?
    Sounds like a wife beater to me.

  2. This is a strange story. Why is the woman yelling help with her husband right there? Seems to me he would have pulled over to see how bad she was hurt. Unless he was rushing her to the hospital-I call foul.

  3. She was inside the truck between the cab and the sleeper per article. When he slammed the brakes she went flying
    Who knows why she yelled help.
    The cops investigated and found no foul play. If there was that was her opportunity to speak up


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