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Joe Biden is prepared to deploy more American troops to NATO countries if Russia invades the Ukraine, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Tuesday after the president’s call with Vladimir Putin.

‘There’s no finger wagging but the president was crystal clear about where the United States stands on all of these issues,’ Sullivan said, calling the two-hour conversation with Putin ‘useful.’

The article goes on to state the following:

Sullivan said if Russia goes on the attack that NATO partners on the Eastern front such as Poland and Romania, would be understandably concerned and the US would ‘fortify’ its allies along with providing ‘additional defensive material for the Ukrainians.’

Sullivan said, “In the event there’s an escalation, our partners on the eastern front – Romania, Poland, other countries – will be increasingly concerned about the security and territorial integrity of their countries. They will be seeking, we expect, additional capabilities and potentially additional deployments and the United States will be looking to respond positively.”

‘I will look you into the eye and tell you, as President Biden looked President Putin in the eye and told him today that things we did not do in 2014 we are prepared to do now,’ Sullivan also told reporters.

“We still do not believe President Putin has made a decision,” Sullivan said of the plan to invade Ukraine.

“Is the world safer today after that conversation between the two leaders or less safe?” one reporter asked Sullivan.

“”Let’s see,” he replied. “We are prepared to deal with any contingency. I am not going to make predictions or characterizations.”

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  1. Trump was strong and straight forward and Russia and China knew exactly what he would do and they knew he would. Biden talks big but when push comes to shove it won’t happen because Congress won’t do anything but sit on their thumbs. They didn’t like the firm stand Trump took and they’re all about placating and looking the other way.

  2. You think Putin and China are quaking in their boots? They know Biden is weak, and can’t remember where he left his shoes this morning.

  3. Putting boots on the ground or providing defensive equipment after the fact is useless in preventing an invasion. Did it stop Putin from invading Crimea?

  4. Beijing Biden blundered his way throughout the video conference with Putin. Putin’s response to Joe was – ” Sure Joe, sure – you and who’s army”

  5. Put those boots on the on the ground will piss people off given the deaths from the recent withdrawal. People on both sides will be angered.

  6. I call bullshit this is how the conversation really went Biden come on man you’re making me look bad even blame this on Trump Putin smiles and Snickers yeah man I know what are you going to do Biden come on man I’m begging you

  7. Its ridiculous, the current stooges in DC don’t care a hoot about our young men and women he will put in danger. He is a traitor and needs to be held to account along with the others that put themselves in office illegally.

  8. If Putin was to invade Ukraine it would be to get out the Soros puppets he installed. Biden why don’t go after China for threatening to invade Taiwan.????

  9. After the Afghanistan withdrawal any mom and dad would be crazy to send their children to Russia or the Ukraine to fight, let’s go brandon

  10. Hey America ! How about boots on the ground in Washington Take back America
    There’s no telling what OBiden is going to give them.


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