UPDATE: Professor who threatened to ‘chop up’ reporter lives without a care after being RELEASED [VIDEO]

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The now-fired, machete-wielding NYC professor who threatened to “chop up” a reporter was seen grabbing a bite to eat in a Bronx Burger King/Popeyes restaurant after her court appearance Thursday.

Shellyne Rodriguez, 45, was charged with three misdemeanors – second-degree menacing and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon – as well as menacing, which is a violation.

All the charges are “non-bail eligible offenses,” according to the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, so she was released on her own recognizance after her court appearance Thursday.

According to the report, Rodriguez said in a statement to ARTnews, the college “capitulated” to “racists, white nationalists and misogynists” after they fired her and said the ordeal “has taken a toll on my mental health.”

WATCH the video below:

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UPDATE: Unhinged professor who cursed out students holds machete to reporter’s neck. WATCH!

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  1. Her mind was messed up before that. A sane person would not have acted like that way in the first place

  2. Released on her own recognizance? What kind of recognizance does an axe-wielding person that threatens the life of another human being actually have? Seriously…

  3. Hmmm looks like it’s taken a “toll” on her with her 💩 eating grin. So typical of this culture and her absolutely ridiculous raciest claims and of course the new and improved “white supremacy” claim they are ALL using now. None will ever ever take personal responsibility for anything they say or do it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. F’n idiot. Just another example of dumbness with a major chip on their shoulder

  4. Again another black personality out of control these people really need to be sent back to Africa it’s getting so bad they need to do sometime about this race of animals because the blacks are animals and have brains the size of a pea

  5. So… let me sure I understand…

    « Falsified Account Records: accused goes to TRIAL.
    « Aggravated Attempt Murder: not accused, no bail, NOT in jail!

    Can someone please make this make sense!!!

  6. She’s a menace to society! Lock her butt up! And she shouldn’t be teaching our kids.
    NY where all libtard judges, prosecutors and lawyers are!

  7. My guess is, we’ll see her again with her machete, and there could be an injury or death next time. She is a menace to society and should be locked up!


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