UPDATE: Project Veritas Names CNN Producer Involved in Wednesday’s Tragic Story

On Wednesday, Project Veritas released a bombshell report about an unnamed CNN producer who was allegedly sending extremely disturbing text messages about a teenaged girl he lived with.

Calling it a “difficult” story to tell, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe said a source came to them with sickening allegations that a male CNN producer living with his fiancée and her three children was sharing sexual fantasies about one of them.

At the time, O’Keefe said they were withholding the CNN producer’s name to protect the family as they reported the situation to authorities and CNN. On Friday, “after ensuring the family involved is safe,” they released the man’s name, along with a statement from the fiancée.

The accused man is  Rick Saleeby, a producer on CNN’S The Lead with Jake Tapper.

From Project Veritas:

The mother of the children involved in this story sent Project Veritas the following heartfelt note. We have redacted some parts, to further protect their identity, and request everyone give them privacy during this difficult time:

“I wanted to reach out to sincerely thank you again. I am very grateful toward you guys and everything you’ve done for me and my children. Our world has just been completely flipped upside down, but none of that matters. We are all safe. I’m hoping, praying, and pushing for charges to be brought against him, so he can never do this to another child/family again.

“I want the public and any predators to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will go to the absolute ends of the earth to protect my babies. And I am tremendously grateful that you guys have saved us all from him.

“Despite the hardships ahead, I am going to continue to sit with these feelings of gratitude toward you guys and the woman who provided you with the information. Gratitude will get us through to the other side of all this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Merry Christmas.”

Get the details about the allegations against Saleeby here.

BREAKING: Project Veritas strikes again, drops bombshell sexual allegations against CNN producer [VIDEO]

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  1. No wonder DUMOCRAPS want pephelphile, transgender, and criminals to vote. Those very sick people will vote to support them to destroy our values. We must stop them. God help us all.

  2. Just more proof what kind if people CNN hires. All if them are like minded and one in the same. I wonder what else the others are doing or have done…

    Ah and let’s not forget this is news station fir Democrats/Leftist…more like minded folks.

  3. Fox News has been eerily silent on this story. No mention of it until now on their Fox News app. Wonder why? Do they have similar pedo producers in their closet?


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