UPDATE: Royal snub? The real reason Prince Harry’s uniform was missing the symbol honoring the Queen

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Prince Harry’s military uniform was noticeably different from Prince William’s and Prince Andrew’s during Queen Elizabeth II’s vigil, but one royal filmmaker insists there was “no ulterior motive” from Buckingham Palace.

Before the late monarch’s state funeral on Monday, the princes stood vigil over her coffin at Westminster Hall. The “EIIR” initials were positioned on the shoulder of William’s uniform and were also seen on Andrew’s military regalia during another vigil. The insignia stands for “Elizabeth Regina” or “Queen” in Latin. It also includes the middle symbols indicating she is the second Queen Elizabeth.

“The answer to the missing lettering on Prince Harry’s uniform is for two reasons,” True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen told Fox News Digital. “One, he is no longer a serving member of the British Armed Forces. If you’re not a serving member of the British Armed Forces, you’re not allowed to wear His or Her Majesty’s uniform without permission from the monarch. To be frank, it’s to prevent people from dressing up and pretending to be a member of the armed forces. The only reason he was allowed to wear the uniform was that the king granted permission for that moment in Westminster Hall for the vigil, but he is not a serving member of the armed forces. Therefore, the uniform can be adapted to reflect that.”

“The second reason is that he was granted those ‘EIIR’ letters when he was an aide-de-camp for Her Majesty,” Bullen continued. “The reality is he is no longer in that role. And those letters were no longer required to be on the uniform. The reasons are clear. There is no ulterior motive. Those are just the rules.”

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  1. Good what the Queen told Megan to stop because Megan was not in the United States but in the Queens territory. And Harry didn’t deserve to be in uniform and both of them can just stay away from King Charles . Also they both don’t belong there. Also Megan looked like a mean dumb asshole ha ha ha and boo

  2. True neither one of them behaved well.
    I wasn’t surprised at Meghan but I was very surprised at Harry.
    I just think that everyone who loves Harry is a bit disappointed about the whole set of circumstances!
    I feel like it’s mostly his wife causing all the problems. I hope I’m not wrong.


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