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Jussie Smollett denied under oath all allegations that he brought the Osundairo brothers on a “dry run” of his attack two days prior to it taking place.

In trying to prove the contrary, Webb showed and read from private Instagram messages between Bola Osundairo and Smollett in which the latter kept updating Bola on his whereabouts and flight delay information on the night of the attack, making the case that he was working with him to time out the planned attack. Some of the messages included the use of the N-word, prompting Smollett to interrupt the prosecutor to ask him to spell or abbreviate the word so as not to offend “every African American in this room.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Webb said that Smollett was welcome to read his own messages to the court but that he would not censor the quotations of the actor’s messages. Smollett complied and the two moved on.

Fox News correspondant Matt Finn has been following the trial and posting updates on Smollett’s testimony to his Twitter account.

Smollett first took the stand on Monday in his defense, as he accused the Chicago Police Department of “putting out lies and leaks” and the Osundairo brothers of setting him up.

Finn took to TMZ Tuesday to summarize the testimony Smollett delivered Monday on the stand.


Finn continued to post updates Tuesday as Smollett took the stand again to face cross examination.

“Smollett just denied under oath any of the planning with the Osundairo brothers. Tells Dan Webb he didn’t tell them to use slurs, didn’t tell them to buy red hats, didn’t do a dry run,” Finn wrote.

“Smollett testifies the only strange or wrong thing going on when he had the Osundairo brothers in his car during the alleged planning/dry run drive” was that he was “texting, smoking weed while driving,”‘ Finn added.

Special Prosecutor Dan Webbs told Smollett, “look at me, I’m older, I do not understand instagram” as he moved to question the actor about his private Insta messages on night of alleged attack.

Smollett apparently become frustrated at the reading of his own messages by the white prosecutor which contained the ‘N word.”

“Smollett interrupts special prosecutor Dan Webb as Webb was reading aloud one of Smollett’s messages that had N word in it,” Finn wrote. “Smollett: can you spell or say the N word out of respect for every African American in this room? you’ve been saying that word a lot.”

“Webb: I don’t intend to do that sort.. you can read your messages aloud,” he wrote, adding that Smollett then read his own message aloud.

“Smollett again testifies he has permanent scar and black eye after attack. Prosecutor asks him if he was aware how he looked during GMA interview shortly after attack. (Perhaps implying he looked good.) Smollett says he had hair/makeup and lighting.”

“Smollett says he was attacked, wasn’t worried about session — but prosecutor pushes back and says — but there’s nothing to show that session was planned or scheduled. Smollett says no texts show hoax was planned.”

Smollett’s cross examination and testimony appeared to end Tuesday around 1 pm EST.

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  1. I have been around black people my entire life and they all refer to each other as N*****s
    Jussie Smollett is a racist bigot and deserves what he gets

    • Agree! Ever read a black teenagers fb messages or listened to a group of young black men talking? Why are they so offended?? It’s just another narrative!

  2. Smollett can’t ignore the FACT, that he claimed to be jumped by 2 white men. The O brothers are Blacker than Black !!! How would he ( Smollett ) get their description so wrong ?

  3. Problem is Osundario probably lied about not doing drugs or engaging in homosexuality. Those lies damage the credibility of the brothers’ testimony, factual though it might be. I’ll be upset if Jussie walks.

  4. What you have are two parties who may be ,in part, be lying, i.e. Smollett “two white guys attacked me” and Osundairo – ” I’m not gay and I don’t do drugs”. But here’s Smollett”s problems, (1)he did not have sex with or buy drugs from the other Osundairo brother, (2) neither brother, who did the acting, was white (hence no white MAGA guys), and (3) the video tapes are contrary to Smollett’s testimony.

    Fundamentally the case is about whether Smollett lied to the police, prosecutors and public OR not. Based on the testimony through the smoke and mirrors – he lied period

  5. This guy is a scum bag! Has no respect for African Americans or anybody else. Why don’t you stop using the “N “ word out of respect for your brothers!


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