(Commenting on)  UPDATE: Suspect identified in ambush killing of 30-year-old deputy



  1. I am familiar with that part of Palmdale. It is the ghetto and lots of illegal aliens living there. With the media staying quiet on this murderer’s background, i will bet you he is an illegal alien.

  2. I was wondering the same thing, J?
    A big problem when we have immigrants from a third world country.
    Obama/Biden totally destroying America! We need e verify!!!!!!

  3. Guaranteed if it’s in that area he definitely is an illegal alien. Get rid of all the illegal aliens in that area. Maybe there should be a movement to get rid of a lot of the illegal aliens here by forming neighborhood groups. They can definitely be deported. Too bad they can’t have a chip put in them so they can never come back into the United States again. Of course the chip would have to be put in secretly

  4. His name is Kevin and another article said it was his own family that turned him in does not equate to him being illegal. Not saying he isn’t just not automatically jumping to the conclusion of most here.

  5. If he is here illegally then the blood is on Biden and the Dems. Maybe the family was terrorized by him and they wanted him gone. He deserves the death penalty. Unfortunately with the current DA and Newsom he’ll get released before trial and disappear. LA likes to let them go for free. The only way any of this will change is if it affects people like the DA and Newsom personally. Not that I would wish that pain on anyone but I don’t see how anything will change at this point. NEWSOM is hellbent on completely destroying this state. The DA is facilitating his agenda.


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