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A proposal by Texas state educators to call slavery “involuntary relocation” in second grade classes has been rejected by the State Board of Education.

The proposal, first reported by the Texas Tribune, was introduced at the board’s June 15 meeting. Throughout the summer, the board will consider several curriculum updates to comply with lawmakers’ requirements to keep subjects that make students uncomfortable out of schools.

The article goes on to state the following:

Nine educators, including a professor from University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, were behind the suggested language change.

The Texas State Board of Education struck down the proposal in a unanimous vote.

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    • Well said. Its a sad and uncomfortable part of our history that should not be put in softer terms, need to call it what it was slavery. They also need to learn that African people were not the only people enslaved. Histroy can be ugly and beautiful, still needs to be learned openly, truthfully and honestly, worts and all.

  1. Good calling it anything other than Slavery is wrong. From the Jews in Egypt to the Irish, Scottish and unfairly imprisoned English to the Africans.


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