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After  hours of debate, House Democrats pushed forward a vote to strip freshman Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from her two committee seats over controversial comments she had made on social media in the past, long prior to her election win in November.

The vote passed 230-199, with all Democrats supporting it, along with 11 Republicans.

The 11 Republicans who crossed the aisle and voted to boot Greene from her committee seats are as follows: (The first three on the list also voted to impeach President Trump.)

  • Adam Kinzinger (Ill.)
  • Fred Upton (Mich.)
  • John Katko (N.Y.)
  • Mario Diaz-Balart (Fla.)
  • Carlos Gimenez (Fla.)
  • Maria Elvira Salazar (Fla.)
  • Chris Jacobs (N.Y.)
  • Nicole Malliotakis (N.Y.)
  • Chris Smith (N.J.)
  • Young Kim (Calif.)
  • Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.)

Rep. Liz Cheney (Wy.), who had just escaped being ousted from her own leadership role the day before over her vote to impeach Trump, voted in support of Greene.

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  1. Let’s hope that all 11 of them get primaried in the next cycle.

    I’ve taken a screenshot and put it in a folder entitled “RINOs to Remove”.

    I’ll be sure to support their opponents in the primaries.

    • Me too, and hope many did. We need to really pay attention at voting all elections. I used to vote str8 republican but can’t do that no more.

  2. All I can say to this is wow, the Republicans need to stand up for each other. How bout ousted Omar from Minnesota? Our country is in deep trouble and as an average citizen I just dont know how I can help?

  3. Absolutely disgusting, yet the POS Omar and Rashid plus Salwell the communist have no consequences at all.
    What is happening here should frighten us all.
    I think it’s way past time to stand up for America before it’s too late, obviously the Republicans are not doing anything, we have no voice to represent the people.
    Every day it gets worse, what next? I dread to think.

  4. Why can’t these jackass republicans have the same convictions against the lefties and the stupid hateful remarks they say. Come on, learn to stand up for America

  5. The Republican Party is full of Rhinos, I’m done with them, they keep stabbing in the back their own. For the good sake of America we need a 3rd Party!🇺🇸❤️

  6. They have got to go! They don’t support conservatives and they don’t support American values. Vote the out. If I’m on your team then we are in this together until you break the law. There is no reason why those “Republicans” shouldn’t have been standing arm and arm with MTG.

    If Reps don’t throw down and push for the expulsion of the Democrat terrorists that threaten people on a regular basis then they should be removed from the party and dumped on a street corner in Detroit.

  7. Again the republicans just showed how divided they are. If they can’t support their own team how can the people even believe them?

  8. Then oust omar aoc waters and any of the other 2 bit pos who are on committed. And the stupid woman senator from Hawaii along with the rest of the democrats who promoted the riots. Damn republicans are helping bring America to its knees. If it’s for the money remember you can’t take it with you and if you can it will burn up as soon as you reach he’ll. Get rid of the gop. President Trump of you want to support the gop I hope it’s for new people and vote these jackasses out. Sorry but I’m pissed. Rino slime balls. Remove Omar she or aoc or waters the hag don’t deserve to even be able to step into congress.

  9. Notice 90% of them have foreign names. Probably illegals just like Kamala Harris
    We are waiting for the men t separate from the boys. This is a list of wussies who all should be in jail waiting fo their trials for treason Along with the entire bunch from both chambers When are we going to stand up and make their lives as miserable as ours

  10. Jerry Nadler Need’s To Be Impeached & Permanently Banned From Ever Running In Any Type Of Govt Office, His Calling ANTIFA & BLM Riot’s With Burning Down Businesses, Physically Attacking People & Outright Killing People Who Are Conservative A “MYTH” Is In My Opinion AIDING IN INSURRECTION ACT’S & SEDITION!


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