UPDATE: Trump’s post sharing details of his arrest could see him DENIED BAIL

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A former federal prosecutor warned Saturday that former President Donald Trump’s social media post sharing details of his expected arrest could see him denied bail.

Trump claimed on his Truth Social account that the Manhattan DA’s office will arrest him on Tuesday –  and branded the probe ‘corrupt and highly political’, calling the alleged hush money payment an ‘old and fully debunked fairy-tale.’

Glenn Kirschner, an MSNBC legal analyst, has compared the all-caps rant to his posts leading up to the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021 – and said it could affect the terms of his release.

According to Kirschner, a judge could see Trump’s call to action as an attempt to incite a crowd to riot.

“I would slap a government exhibits sticker on this post and I would introduce it as his criminal trial,” Kirschner explained.

“He has now just given the judge that will preside over his arraignment hearing food for thought about what kind of conditions should be set for the release of this dangerous man pending trial.”

REPORT: MTG: Trump arrest ‘Is what they do in communist countries!’

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  1. Despicable , considering your President and his family have sold out to foreign powers .. Thats called Treason and the joke is still running the country..

  2. I agree unbelievable that they run out of things so they go back to stormy what a laughing stock this government is and Hunter does what he wants and all the rest

  3. This will be the final downfall of our corrupt political system and plunge the country into a darkness never seen in the history of man. The corruption is at epic proportions and to think our so called republicans are at the core of this bull💩 as well.

  4. So, they caught Biden who failed to pay $500,000 in taxes but like usual they kept that very 🤫🤫 because they knew they could control Biden and their agenda, in the WH and they couldn’t control Trump!

  5. Yep! Diminish any upcoming criminal charges against the Bidens by claiming
    Sooooo tired of the corrupt Justice System that is blind to any Democrats
    “Crimes” but uses a magnifying glass and fabrication to “see” crimes committed by Republicans! This “Get Trump” derangement Syndrome is destroying our Country! And THAT is the true goal….to create chaos and collapse so there is an EXCUSE for Government takeover!

  6. It’s tragic how low the Democrats could sink too. They are so afraid of Trump it sickening. OBama sends billions in cash to Iraq, Hilary sells 20% of our Uranium to Russia to make nuclear warheads. Biden should I continue the most corrupt president ever, grabs money from anyone who waves it in his face. He sells our country to communists. But Trump they go after. Our government is worse then. Venezuela.

  7. J6 will seem like a walk in the park.This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.This isn’t Russia or China yet and Americans won’t take much more

  8. Looks like everyone is taking a bate at it and don’t understand that it is a trap that Trump is preparing for the deep state

  9. However lethal drug dealers, child molesters, rapists, armed robbers, and other violent offenders get an appearance ticket in NYS.

  10. The brain dead libtard nudfucks really want a Civil War. Of course the morons should look at Russia because no matter who wins they all get executed


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