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The Washington Post on Sunday published extended audio of President Trump’s Saturday call with Georgia’s top elections official, Brad Raffensperger (R), making the full hour-long call available shortly after initially-released excerpts shocked Washington.

During the call, Trump and Georgia’s secretary of state can be heard arguing over the president’s various theories about election fraud in Georgia, ranging from allegedly shredded ballots in heavily-Democratic Fulton County to allegations about Dominion voting machines. Raffensperger repeatedly pushed back and called the president’s assertions “wrong.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“All I want to do is this,” the president said in one particularly jarring moment in the call. “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state.”

Following the Post’s publication of the audio, reactions spread around the capitol Sunday afternoon.  Sen. Dick Durbin even called for the president to face new criminal investigations.

“They published 4 minutes and 31 seconds – where is the other 35 minutes?” tweeted Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller. “@GaSecofState Raffensperger is a political hack who doesn’t care about election integrity, nor does he care about telling the entire story. Release the full tape!”


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    • Agree! We must push back! As always the lame mainstream media took things out of context. Our President was giving them a chance to right a wrong!

  1. They shouldn’t have published any of it! The president is within his right to request that they look through the votes. He really shouldn’t even have to. Allegedly, there are a 100,000+-, of fraudulent votes. I haven’t listened to the whole conversation yet, but to be honest, there’s no reason for them to declare all thousands and thousands of fraudulent votes, when they only need 12,000. I understand the presidents request & logic. It IS a conversation that can be misconstrued by haters. So sad! Our country shouldn’t even be in this position where fraud has been allowed uncontested & not prosecuted for way too long !!

    • And you’re right. Cheatocrats are already spinning what he said trying to make it sound as if he wanted Raffensberget to give him the votes, which is not what he did. They are trying to put words in Trump’s mouth. Makes me sick.

  2. These dems act like spoiled teenagers doing whatever they want and lying whenever they want just to get their damn way! Their way isn’t the right way but good luck convincing them!

  3. As long as you have people like mitt the twit and other rinos along with all the socialist judges that keep saying there is no proof, then nothing will change

  4. I don’t need to hear the rest of the audio, this is riffraff trying to be smart. Riffraff answered our president saying machines weren’t being removed or taken apart … you can bet our president played riffraff for the fool he is. How many times did he ask riffraff if specific things were illegal? President said he was notifying riffraff the machines were being moved or changed and ballots being shredded. Sounds like that trump card is about to be shown. Our president nor Rudy are fools, either that audio is extremely hacked or our prez is about to release some serious video. If I had Twitter I would be all over that. Prez got old riffraff so excited thinking he had the goods … old riffraff prob wet his pants. Audio released but riffraff should have worried more about getting rid of the denials and his lawyer being brought into it. Media won’t release the rest either way but I would think our prez would know he risked audio exposure by calling riffraff

  5. Someone needs to drag this POS outta office .. just saying it’s time we the people need to take our country back!!

    • Why ? For doing a great job ? Steal from me and I’m not very nice either . Enjoy living in hell because that’s what Biden’s America will be

  6. I listened to the whole phone call. Whoever leaked this phone call to the Washington post is a scum bag, and a person a very low integrity! All they wanted to do is get Trumps critics on his back! There was nothing wrong g with the ph call. May have made Kemp & Raffensberger ill at ease, but they should be. Really!?? Does a crook leave all their misdeeds on the surface, or do they embed them so they can’t be found? Then do they leave the evidence to be found, or do they destroy the evidence? There is definitely something there, and secretary of state of Georgia is not looking for it. Rumor says that he got paid off, and signed an agreement with Stacy Abrams! If either of those are true those are grounds to be fired & prosecuted!

  7. I listened to the whole bloody recording and found NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT POTUS SAID! I can’t stand the fake news media. There is no way Georgia went Blue no way. I am always Smelled a coup d’état

  8. twatwaffle aoc now sayings what POTUS did is an impeachable offense. She should stick to carrying bar drinks on a tray on her head. Maybe she should also worry about biden committing traitorous acts against the US and purjering himself about his son’s dealings. He didn’ t know about hunter’s dealings. Sure, sure Joe. We already know you are a senile old fart and can’ t remember shit.

  9. They’re hiding the data WHY so corrupt WHY doesn’t he answer the president, I personally feel powerless over the direction our country is headed. I never imagined our sacred right to vote would be under attack. It’s sad that I an American have become used to censorship of free speech. The media and big tech have been censoring to push their narrative.Brad has been bought and sold How much money did you receive Brad to sell out the will of the people

  10. We have become a culture of leaks. Taped phone calls leaked to the press. Private conversations leaked to the press. Confidential information leaked to the press. Where’s the conscience, integrity or morality in our public officials or press anymore? Very Machiavellian: ‘the end justifies the means’.


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