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President Biden will sign the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law during a ceremony at the White House on Monday, according to the White House.

Biden will be joined by members of Congress and “a diverse group of leaders who fought for its passage across the country,” including governors and mayors from across America, as well as labor union and business leaders.

The article goes on to state the following:

The announcement comes after the House of Representatives voted 228-206 on Friday to pass the legislation, which would not have been successful without the support of 13 Republicans who pushed it through despite opposition from six progressive members of the House.

According to the White House, $312 billion of the $1.2 trillion will go to transportation, while $266 billion is set aside for other infrastructure including broadband, water systems, environmental remediation, and modernizing the power grid.

“(Former) President Trump called it the fake infrastructure bill, and that’s exactly what it was,” Rep. Pat Fallon said of the legislation. “About 10 percent, if you want to be generous, goes to actual, real, infrastructure, and it’s not paid for. According to the Congressional Budget Office, there is going to be a deficit of about $400 billion. That is the furthest thing I can ever attribute to a ‘good piece of legislation.’ It was a piece of garbage, and if we had held together (as Republicans against the bill), we would have won the day, and we wouldn’t be saddling the Americans with another $1.2 trillion in debt.”

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    • I thought that too. I thought that is why activists were harassing Manchin and Sinema who were against passing it right now. I’m confused.

  1. Doesn’t matter, his poll numbers are the worst in presidential history and him and his coterie of imbeciles will get annihilated in the 2022 midterms, then the White House is ours in 2024. There will be a massive mess to clean up but if there’s anyone who can, it’s Trump.

  2. They forgot to mention the sleazy hidden money that will line the pockets of all those supporting this fake bill, at the expense of the American people. The debt will end up being 10 times the amount by the time the next election rolls around.
    I call Bullshit. The thing that pisses me off as well is that cheap ass smile of Bidums like he will show, when he signs the bill, not comprehending what he is even signing, as he is just a pawn in all this. I am really pissed at the loser RINO’S who support this BS.
    Why don’t you idiots just say your democrats, and get the hell out of Dodge.


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