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California Gov. Gavin Newsom will keep his job steering the nation’s most populous state.

The Associated Press projected that a majority of Californians have voted no – meaning against removing Newsom from office – in Tuesday’s recall election of the embattled first-term Democratic governor.

The article goes on to state the following:

Newsom, who was overwhelmingly elected governor in 2018 in the heavily blue state, was facing a recall drive sparked last year mainly over accusations that he mishandled his state’s response to the coronavirus, the worst pandemic to strike the globe in a century.

With over 67% of the votes in, Newsom had 64.2% of the vote, compared to 35.8% for Elder.

Last month, ballots were mailed out to all of the estimated 22 million registered voters in California. They must have been postmarked or returned by the time the polls closed, at 8 p.m. PT Tuesday night.

Elder conceded the race in a speech to his supporters Tuesday, vowing, “We may have lost the battle, but we will win the war.”

“We recognize that we lost the battle, but we are certainly gonna win the war… We are forcing them now to pay attention to the things they should’ve paid attention to two years ago,” Elder said.

Newsom, whose campaign was bankrolled by many mega-donors and supported by top Democrats including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and several progressive U.S. senators and congress members, tweeted, “Now, let’s get back to work.”

REPORT: Biggest names in business bankrolling effort to keep Newsom in power

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    • Hey! I have to live in this screwed up state! Don’t go saying we got what we deserve! I don’t go around saying y’all got what you deserve with Biden. Not everyone here wants these communist bastards!😡

      • As Americans, we know that not everyone in CA supports Gruesome Newsom. This one is a hard pill to swallow. Keep standing up, go to rallies, school board meetings, etc. Make your voice heard. The best thing this country could do is eliminate mail in ballots (except for the military). We wish you well!

      • Bruce, I think the election was rigged. Just like the Presidential election was rigged against Trump. It’s a democratic state they’re going to cheat.

      • I agree with you Bruce, I have to live here too and I’m not happy Newsom survived the recall. I hate what the dems have done to my beautiful state.

    • Words cannot describe the sorrow many of us feel. I’m from New York and know Larry Elder would have made an awesome Governor. I believe that big money and possible cheating occurred that lead to this fiasco. Hang in there. We will pray God will be there for you.

  1. They deserve getting beat up by this corrupt progressive imbecile, they had a chance to make a difference and that’s disturbing! Imagine wanting high taxes, forced rolling blackouts, fires, crime,”Rules for Thee NOT for Me”, etc! Need to WAKE UP California, you own this Mess! Guess you must like self infliction!

  2. California doesn’t need voter fraud. They are consumed by mass immigration and amnesties since the Reagan Era by people from countries who will by and large vote for them forever and ever.

  3. Wow what a quick fix that was huh? The Democrats couldnt wait to show the power of the steal. They now have the playbook all set and we will never have another fair election in this country unless we can win in the 2022 Midterms. God bless America.

  4. Subtract the fraudulent votes and Newsome would have lost.
    Democrats have learned that mail-in voting is their key to winning every election… gee, why is this covid thing so important to keep alive at least til the midterms?

  5. You were able to print your own ballot at home! Please… this piece of shit did not win and most certainly by those margins were not!! Blue state i think not, Trump won California, but here we are again. When the hell will people wake up and stand up! Absolutely disgusting, our America is almost gone! But let’s just bury our heads in the sand!

  6. Our( citizens) votes don’t count !
    The ” Elite ” pick, who will fill the position.
    The choice is THEIRS, not OURS.

  7. Everyone already knows they cheat now it’s going to be like the presidential election, it’s time to prove it once again how crooked the left really is, I have a real hard time believing there are so many brain dead Californian in that state that would re elect this criminal but then again I left the state the first time Brown was in office color me surprised when I found out there where people stupid enough to vote that Dick WEED back into office so who the heck knows anymore but for those that still live in that hell hole you better get ready, if you thought it was bad before you haven’t seen anything yet your in for a rough ride, it’s going to get bad, the left are the true terrorist of our government, I’d say move to Texas but we’ve been taken over, I haven’t been a Californian in over 40 years and I very rarely claim the state, I’ve been out of that hell hole long enough that I even have a southern drawl, you need out and fast.

  8. What happened to all those people’s votes that went to vote and were told at the polls that they had already voted. They were giving a different piece of paper to vote. That to me is fraud do an audit

  9. I’m starting to think there is no hope for us. 70% of one Republican area had Republicans all “prevoted”, but they ignore it so it goes away.

  10. With everything we know…. I doubt he “ won”. Once again this was “ fixed”. May God soon heal nation if man doesn’t step forward. Afterall it’s said “ the lord helps those that helps themselves “ , so get moving special people whoever and wherever you are !

  11. I have heard over and over about people who went to vote in person only to be told they already voted. So tell me this isn’t cheating…after the 2020 the demorats have the cheating down pat

  12. I remember once DML saying how important the 2020 elections were. He said that if democraps win this one they will stay in power for many years to come or perhaps forever. This recall proved it. If there was a screwed up state that was California and that is still stinky and messed up but still they voted for the culprit of this state. Unfortunately Republicans never defended and protected their best candidate and President. They hated him the same way democraps were. They made a living hell for this man that was just trying from his heart to help this country. That is why I am not Republican anymore and will not participate on their charade. This country is ready for Socialism. All these refugees and illegals that are pouring into this country will seal the deal. People will forget and pardon the screwed up in Afghanistan no one will be accountable and by 3 years it will be a thing from the past and everyone happy. Sorry to be pesimist but it is the truth. If Newson was not removed with all the screw ups democraps are having at their peak none of them will. What we need is s new Party made out of real Republicans , independents and people that want to reclaim our country. Then I will vote.

    • Well said ! But you left out one thing Those people they have brought into this country are ! Our replacements They need slave labor Right now they coddle those people But the goal of these enemies among us ! Is to kill every legal American !!! No matter your color. Why ? Because they can’t have people who grew up as free people with the ability to think for themselves in their utopian society of the very rich Ask why White people are dying from the Pfizer vaccine and Blacks are given a different kind Bill Gates !! Research this one for yourself.
      But they forgot the biggest thing
      God is still on his throne and in control Everything is in the book And there has never been a lie in the entire book
      Read the book . We are living in the days of sorrows And no doubt they are going to kill us They already have started. Vaccine mandates Is the most deaths for their buck He doesn’t have the power to do but yet!
      No ability to buy and sell (eat ) or live . Maybe when people start to starve they will get it By Christmas you will see it all come to pass

  13. Lets face it the people of california did NOT get thier voices heard , greasebag was bankrolled by the corruot elite there was NO election here . Im on Elders side KEEP. GOING and get more of Trumps help !!

  14. Now that neuscumb was able to get away with cheating, he’s really going to let Calif. have it. Lockdowns, mandates, overtaxation, more murderers let out of prisons. We might as well kiss Calif. goodbye.

  15. Knowing that Soros, Obama, Biden and others involved, did anyone think any different. I knew he would win from the start! California is as Corrupt as they come! Just like Pelosi!!

  16. This is a sad day for those who can not escape that evil place.
    May God intervene in your behalf.
    God will either finish destroying that place or we will go to war Be patient God about to take over
    Those of you who think this is wonderful. Well you are the fools they use to push their agendas on. And for those fools You will die as well as the rest of us. When they use you up Bye bye Hey if you are that stupid


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