VIDEO: 18-month-old twins drown after tragic mistake

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Twin toddlers, a boy and a girl, drowned last week in their family’s pool when their great-grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, apparently left a back door open in their Oklahoma City home.

By the time mom Jenny Callazzo found her 18-month-old children, Locklyn and Loreli, at the bottom of the murky water Thursday morning, they were unconscious.

The tots were pronounced dead two hours later, the Daily Mail reported.

Callazzo, a stay-at-home mother lives with her grandmother, husband Sonny, 42, and their six children.

According to a relative, Jenny’s grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, left the back door open. The twin toddlers apparently slipped out the backdoor and into the pool.

Aerial footage of the home showed the algae-filled pool.

Police are investigating the children’s deaths, but don’t believe foul play was involved.

A GoFundMe page set up for the family’s expenses said, “These beautiful babies were taken from us too soon. Anything you can give to help with expenses would be greatly appreciated. We appreciate everyone’s love and support.”


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  1. Looks like a very expensive home. Why do they need a go fund me and unfortunately they did not have a surrounding around the pool to keep them out. PrYers to the family

    • That’s a bit judgmental—you never know peoples situations. This couple have 6 children AND their loving hearts are taking care of their grandmother. Instead of judging them based on the looks of a fraction of the back part of the house, maybe focus on the positive. How do we not know that grandma removed a barrier??

      If you want to give, then give. They seem to be good people based on the small facts that were given. Let’s not be so quick to push people down. Life is hard enough as it is.

    • correct, Hm! i was a helicopter mom and still get digs today for it. but my kid grew up unscathed! i did my job of protecting and loving!

  2. Why when someone is already suffering do humans have to point a finger and accuse and assume? As a mother, I can’t understand how one recovers from such a loss, I’m sure she is already blaming herself and is devastated. Her life will never be the same after such a trajedy. How about we just pray for this family and stop beating them down?

  3. My heart breaks for the family. Living with someone with Alzheimer’s, you never can be proactive enough. They’re like toddlers. The family was not aware maybe to keep
    Safety first being around Alzheimer’s family member.

    What’s that black stuff in the pool, the article said algae, I think. I didn’t know that can exist in man made pools.

  4. Imagine when the parents have to keep telling Grandma that the babies are not there anymore. They can hardly tell her she’s the reason for it. SMH


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