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Pundits in the Twitter world reacted to President Biden’s hoarse voice and tired appearance during a speech about Friday’s poor jobs report.

During the speech, Biden said he was last tested for the coronavirus on Monday, the commander-in-chief lamenting that his grandson may have transferred a cold to him.

The article goes on to state the following:

But before Biden excused his drowsy appearance and raspy, deep voice, Twitter users suggested the president was unfit for office. Some reacted by suggesting the 25th Amendment should be used to remove him from office because of ill health. Others commented on his lack of energy and demanded a transparent coronavirus test:

Managing editor for News Busters, Curtis Houck tweeted Friday, “Is this the worst Biden has ever sounded? He looks horrible too. If this were Trump, CNN would be doing 25th Amendment segments for weeks.”

Prison Mitch tweeted, “25th Amendment!”

Podcaster Stephen Miller quipped, “Is he being dubbed? What the hell is that voice? It’s like they called in George Clooney for a voiceover.”

Suburban Black Man joked, “Biden sounds like a Rosland Capital commercial.”

The post Millennial wrote, “Biden: ‘When my took office…'”

Commentator Tiana Lowe tweeted, “This sounds like @nataliejohnsonn at Taste of the South the year she had smoked an entire pack of cigs the night before.”

The Recount tweeted, “Doocy: Your voice sounds a little different, are you ok? Biden: I’m ok. I have a [COVID] test every day… it’s just a cold.”

Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra said, “Where are the test results? If this was Trump, the media would be demanding that he take a test on live television and that the results be shown on live television.”

Tim Swain tweeted, “WTH!!”

Kambree wrote, “The good news about Biden’s stumbles, Democrats are losing voters, and they’re trying to explain why.”

Todd Starnes quipped, “Kissing your what, Mr. President?”

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  1. Keep shit pants right where he is. The democrats know they made a horrible mistake, well time to be humiliated. Worse would be heels up kamala or even better that old witch Pelosi drunk and senile herself. Democrats will try to do another deceitful thing and put Stacey Abraham or Oprah in. No no shit pants stays. Maybe he has covid start the rumor. Don’t let a good idea slip away.

  2. This was someone else not Biden. Remember when someone came out and you could do the rubber mask as he moved. Ya NOT Biden for sure and how many questions does he usually take none. All a frigging hoax and soon all the Dems BS Demonic evil will come tumbling down like Jack and Jill. WATCH


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