VIDEO: Abortion Doctor Accuses Rep. of Using ‘Inflammatory Language’ to Describe What Happens To Aborted Babies

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An abortion doctor accused Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy of using inflammatory language when he asked her about late-term abortions she had performed during a House Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday.

Dr. Yashica Robinson, an Alabama-based OBGYN and pro-abortion advocate, admitted to having performed abortions as late as 20-week. She refused to give a direct answer about how she handled human remains after abortions and criticized Roy’s phrasing.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The procedure for an abortion, when we’re talking about at 20 weeks, as I understand it, is dilation and extraction. Have you performed abortions in that stage and, in doing so, have you had baby parts that you’ve had to discard or store in some capacity?” Roy asked.

She said, “One of the things you all have done throughout this hearing is just use inflammatory language as you talk about the care that we provide. I am a physician and a proud abortion provider. There is nothing that you can say that makes it difficult for me to talk about the care that I provide.”

Roy said, “There are baby parts and you don’t want to talk about how they’re being stored. You don’t want to talk about putting them in freezers. You don’t want to talk about putting them in Pyrex dishes. You don’t want to talk about the video we have from Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston, Texas. You don’t want to talk about the reality of what actually happens.”

“All of those things that you just mentioned, I have never seen those in a healthcare setting, ever. We don’t put baby parts in freezers or Pyrex dishes,” Robinson said.


Roy tweeted Wednesday, “That’s definitely not an arm and a little hand. Definitely not.”

Stephen Miller wrote, “Imagine being more upset at the description of the gruesome life-ending procedure than the procedure itself.”

Writer Nicole Russell tweeted, “This is a garbage answer. During an abortion at 20 weeks, a baby’s body parts need to ripped out of the mother and reassembled to ensure everything is removed. They are then discarded. The inflammatory thing here is the refusal to an expose the process.”

Daily Wire correspondent Mary Margaret Olohan tweeted, “Most likely since Roy is referencing an abortion in which the abortion doctor dilates the woman, opens up her cervix, goes in with a suction device or tools, and pulls the baby out of the mother’s womb, often resulting in the dismemberment of the baby. Abortionists like Yashica Robinson say that asking specific questions about these types of procedures is ‘inflammatory.’ Shouldn’t Americans know how abortion works, if they are being told that it is essential for women?”

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  1. Don’t think that Our Maker isn’t watching you abortion Doctors destroy his miracles. You need to be reminded that there is a Hell waiting for you judgement day. Amen

  2. So does she wrap this baby up and holds it!! Say a pray for it to enter the gates of heaven since u just murder it !!!

  3. So basically it’s ok to do the Dirty deed just can’t describe what you see because that’s some how worse😡

  4. It’s time for Congress and the American people to be forced to watch videos of “legal” abortions. This needs to be on prime time every night for a month. Then we’ll let Americans vote. If they still believe abortions are okay, then humanity is truely lost.

  5. So what do they do with the baby they just killed, who do they sell it to..this is the question that really needs to be answered.

  6. This doctor is an evil fucker killing 20weeks old infant and she and the rest doctors are going to hell. And God and Jesus don’t want you in heaven. Did you doctor killed your babies or are they still alive. All these women go to clubs looking for men for sex because they are whores and that is the way they make money and if they get pregnant they need to have the babies and give them up for adoption. You need to be happy and grateful that your gave birth and you are a living soul so just go fuck your self you evil moron.

  7. Abortion is murder period. There is no care given it’s murder of a defenseless human being and psychological torture for any woman who has a conscious, the baby they’re killing does indeed feel the effects of the killing, maybe they should watch “the silent scream” and if they have any soul they’d reconsider

  8. This fucking doctor Roy is a baby killer and she ought to be happy that her mother didn’t abort her and she is living in this world. For sure God and Jesus don’t want her in heaven because of God and Jesus we are able to have our babies. Also all these whores that go to clubs to find a guy to have sex and get paid that’s the way they make money so if they get pregnant give up for adoption since a lot of cannot get pregnant. So Dr. go fuck your self you evil moron go to hell with your other doctors.

  9. IT
    That this ‘doctor’ provides! You are ripping a baby from the womb! She’s so cavalier about what it is she does. I wonder, exactly how many women have come to her who were pregnant as a result of rape or incest? How many mothers has she saved because the pregnancy endangered their health/life? Or, are most of her patients inconvenienced by a pregnancy because they didn’t practice effective birth control? She and her ilk are always screaming “My body, my choice!” Why wasn’t that practiced when choosing to have unprotected sex? There is a special place in hell for doctors such as this!

  10. You can’t make shit smell good. It is what it is. Stupid as they are, they’re admitting how inhumane and horrendous these abortions are when it’s described as accurately as the Senator did.

  11. Frigging murdering doctors, who make a joke of their oath. It’s the Hippocratic Oath not the Hypocrite Oath, Doctor.

  12. I was raised pretty rugged and was around alot of animal death and became quite hard to life events. Abortion shakes me just thinking about it. Abortion providers have to be a little sick.

  13. Crushing the fœtus, ripping it asunder, vacuuming out the pieces, storing them in refrigerators to sell in the marketplace – – how do you discuss all that with dispassion?


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