VIDEO: Actress calls out Hollywood for unfair treatment

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Actress Eva Longoria lamented that a white man can direct a major blockbuster flop and still get another picture while women like her cannot.

The former Desperate Housewives star made her pronouncement during her Kering Women in Motion talk at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. She had been reflecting on her experience directing the movie Flamin’ Hot, an American dream story about the Frito-Lay janitor who invented the popular Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

“We don’t get a lot of bites at the apple,” Longoria told Variety chief correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister. “My movie wasn’t low budget by any means — it wasn’t $100 million, but it wasn’t $2 million. When was the last Latina-directed studio film? It was like 20 years ago. We can’t get a movie every 20 years.”

“28% of ticket buyers at the box office are Latino. Your film will not succeed if you don’t have the Latino audience. Do you know how many Latinos showed up for ‘Crazy Rich Asians’? Do you know how many Latinos bought a ticket for ‘Fast and the Furious’? We over-index at moviegoing, so why shouldn’t there be content for us if we are the ticket buyers? If we are the viewers? … For me, I take great pride in throwing around that buying-power weight. If you don’t speak to us, we may not buy that movie ticket,” she said.

Longoria explained, “The problem is if this movie fails, people go, ‘Oh Latino stories don’t work…female directors really don’t cut it.’ We don’t get a lot of at-bats. A white male can direct a $200 million film, fail and get another one.”

She continued, That’s the problem. I get one at-bat, one chance, work twice as hard, twice as fast, twice as cheap. You really carry the generational traumas with you into the making of the film. For me, it fueled me. I was determined.”

“So the myth that Hollywood is so progressive is a myth when you look at the data,” saying there is an “illusion” of “equity” in the industry. “I mean, yes, we had some wins but like no, we still have so much more to go,” Longoria said.

Variety tweeted Tuesday, “Eva Longoria’s message to Hollywood: ‘28% of ticket buyers at the box office are Latino. Your film will not succeed if you do not have the Latino audience.’#Cannes #WomenInMotion”

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  1. Just stop with your Race Baiting! If you movie sucks it is your fault! Just because you’re a Minority doesn’t mean we have to buy a ticket! This token society is outing out out garbage! Want more sales, try harder!

  2. So, I see she’s jumped on the racism bus as a fail-safe in case her movie tanks. Then, she can blame everyone else besides herself. I definitely won’t watch it now. smh

  3. Wow ! What a complete wheelbarrow of horse shit ! Her movie stinks and she blames the smell on everything butt the the horses ass !!!

  4. I’m so sick of people making everything about the color of their skin! Maybe the movie and your acting or directing is no good. How about that? Go back to Puerto Rico or wherever if you want Hispanics to see your movie. The topic sounds ridiculous and I wouldn’t see it no matter what color your skin is.

  5. So once again EVERYTHING is the white mans fault. Maybe it’s not a white/ black/ brown issue. Maybe it’s a MALE issue. What’s EVA going to do when a TRANS takes her job? It’s going to happen, in the name of equity. Women are being erased by MEN. Be mad at that!! Is her movie a comedy? I’m not sure if how flamin hot cheetos came to be is that interesting. Maybe a movie of the week material, at least for me. I’m so tired of Hollywood and their ultra liberal views. Be mad at MALES who want to be WOMEN. Because they will take your job, look what’s happening in sports. WAKE UP! I seriously hope your movie tanks. Guess what, in America you get to try again! You don’t get a trophy because you check off all the boxes….wait you do in your liberal world! Stop making everything about being a “victim”. If your movie sucks maybe it was the subject material, the writing or directing etc. it isn’t because of the color of your skin. Ignorance is fixable. Eva has set up her defense in advance. She has no responsibility for anything regarding her movie! Must be nice. I can hear the violins…

  6. Po💩 anyway, so typical of the non whites love to complain and blame it’s never because of them. Must be great to be “perfect”, f’n idiots


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