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Actress Jennifer Lawrence claimed this week that there is a “radical wing” of the Republican Party that is actively dismantling Americans’ right to vote. The Hunger Games and X-Men: Dark Phoenix star begged fans to support the far-left’s For the People Act, which would nationalize U.S. elections and gut voter ID provisions.

“Whatever your personal politics are, whatever side of the aisle you find yourself on, you need to know that your vote matters and the outcome of our elections are not maneuvered and manipulated,” Jennifer Lawrence said in a one-minute video for the group RepresentUs, which is founded and funded by Hollywood elites and has received funding from the George Soros-funded group the Tides Foundation.

The article goes on to state the following:

“In Texas, Georgia and Florida and 44 other states, there’s a radical wing of the Republican Party that is actively dismantling Americans’ rights to vote because they don’t have the numbers to win otherwise without gerrymandering or shutting down hundreds of voting facilities within reach of minorities and specifically targeting and carving out people of color,” Lawrence claimed.

“They can’t win, but this is cheating and it is not democracy,” the Passengers actress added before pitching the “For the People Act.”

“There’s a law in the senate right now called the For the People act and it can reverse these anti-voting laws and it can stop billionaires from being able to buy our elections. It even says that all voting machines need to be made here in the U.S. , but it’s going to take a lot of pressure from us to get it to pass,” Lawrence continued, begging Americans to reach out to their politicians. “Let the politicians bicker and throw tantrums. Let’s just make sure they remember who they work for.”

Lawrence tweeted Thursday, “Now is the time to take action. We only have a few days left before the Senate votes on the most sweeping anti-corruption bill of our lifetimes. Call your Senators now and tell them to vote YES on the #ForThePeopleAct.”

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  1. This emotionally unstable, and intelligence bereft individual is stuck in the juvenile thought processes of a six year old – and that may be an insult to all normal children of that age.
    Of all of the vocations in our society she excelled in the one that is most expendable, provides a temporary escape for the masses and in many respects indoctrinates them.
    Reality is not her forte.
    Her access to National and international platforms simply because she’s a film “ star” makes her a dangerous dimwit .
    Too bad she can’t be jettisoned into space where stars and a vacuous existence are the norm.

  2. OMG… if Jennifer Lawrence said it… it must be true! Quick sheeple, follow, obey, believe….

    What a bunch of Malarkey coming out of her stupid mouth! VOTER ID NOW!

  3. Keep taking money from Soros. Holly weird cares about money only. Sell your country for your career! What a POS! People stop going to see these bought stars, stop buying products that are promoting left wing propaganda. Hit these idiots where they live- in the pocket! God Bless America🇺🇸

  4. Another idiot liberal who thinks an ID is preventing Americans to votes. The ID together with stricter voting laws is only preventing non American citizens to vote. This is only saving our country from corrupted politicians and stupid people like her from abusing the system. About time that something get done to protect our country from haters that the only thing they want is the power to steal from taxpayers!

  5. No you elitist airhead snowflake demos ready stole one election now you want to still them for good! Brainwashed drones.

  6. Maybe missing her trips to a certain island ? Was she on that flight list ? Oh and is she running low on adrenochrome possibly ?? 2 big reasons someone like her would push for this … and of course another movie or two .

  7. Shame. She allowed fame to change her into what she believes is a superior specimen yet when she speaks all I hear is static, no clear signal worth tuning into just background noise.

  8. These stupid Hollywood airheads don’t know anything about voting rights. Voting isn’t supposed to be easy for illegals to vote in our country that’s why we have laws.

  9. She is so confused…. those are Americans that believe in showing ID when you vote to prevent voter fraud just as it should be done …..poor confused little lady. So many people have forgotten our voting always had rules. With 2020 we just dropped many of them because of the pandemic. Now it is past time to pick them up.

  10. She hasn’t read all of the voting bills, compared them to the current voting bills, and made a decision.

    Just another idiot who jumps on a driverless bandwagon. Smh…

  11. All u loving Democrats here is your whiteness she should go back in her hole with the rest of George soros paid off Hollywood a– holes.

  12. Keyword here is ACTRESS!! They “act” like they know something…. they try to “ACT” like someone they think others should listen too, and they “ACT” like we should care!

  13. Jennifer needs to be done and removed because she is a stupid asshole idiot with all her dumb Democrats🔥😍

  14. I would like one dummocrat to actually explain why having voter id is restricting someones voter rights. Even that stupid woman needs id of some sort. Please someone ask these idiots to explain WHY.

  15. Jennifer Lawrence needs to stick to acting and stay OUT OF POLITICS & George Soros pocket. Obviously, she either hasn’t read the bill she is pushing or maybe she can’t even read. THAT bill is the bad boy, NOT the one’s being passed by the states. Another fact Jennifer appears to dumb to know, our Constitution gives the rights to the states over the Federal government. The states do not work for the Hollywood elite. THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!

  16. We will push back on your radical left Agenda to cheat our vote with drop boxes, mail in fake ballots. Without the capability for the left to cheat, they are the ones that can win without their cheating. Boycott these Hollywood leftist who think their voice is more important than anyone else’s.


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