VIDEO: AI expert doubtful DC prepared for new tech: ‘Well, they put Kamala Harris in charge’

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An expert and entrepreneur in the field of artificial intelligence warned that while the new technology has the potential for massive benefits, it could also prove “too powerful and too disruptive” for humanity, expressing doubt about the federal government’s ability to address such a challenge.

Kevin Baragona worked as a software engineer but recognized the potential impact of AI, which led him to start DeepAI in 2016 to help bring the new technology to fruition. The free online service is growing rapidly, with users increasing tenfold over the past year.

DeepAI was the first company to offer an online AI text-to-image generator, which allows users to enter a description of the image they would like to create, select a theme and receive a custom image for download.

“DeepAI enhances people’s creativity. AI gives humans a creativity boost. Beyond that, we can use it to create joy in people’s minds, such as with our image generator,” Baragona told Fox News Digital.

“On one hand, AI is amazing technology like the smartphone or the internet that can make us richer, more creative, more powerful,” Baragona continued. “On the other hand, AI may be too powerful and too disruptive. Now we’re at a point where AI is as good as humans in a whole bunch of areas, or at least rapidly approaching it.”

When asked whether he had confidence in Washington’a ability to handle issues raised by AI, he replied, “Well, they put Kamala Harris in charge, so not really.”


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