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Travel isn’t likely to recover in full from the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic until 2023 as business demand continues to lag, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said Sunday.

Kirby addressed the state of travel on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” saying that while the pent-up leisure demand has exceeded 100 percent, business demand is still off by about 60 percent as some borders around the world remain closed.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We don’t think [travel] really recovers in full until 2023,” Kirby said. “Probably next summer will be the biggest year in history for Europe. And Asia is probably another 18 to 24 months away.”

“We see a huge desire for people to get back out, reunite with friends and family, connect with the world,” Kirby said.

Face The Nation tweeted a clip of Kirby discussing the current mask mandate and when he thinks that will end for airline passengers.

“United Airlines CEO on mask mandate on planes: ‘The current government order expires on September 13, and fingers crossed, my guess is it will expire on September 13, but we’ll wait and see for sure.'”

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  1. Well, no airtime for us then!! Enjoy your communist flights while we drive to our destinations.
    Hint: the air you breathe in a mask is the SAME air you breathe when you pull it off!

    • Yeah i can hear the announcement on the plane ” Good morning passengers and welcome to Commie Airlines” . I’ll WALK if i have to !!

  2. Now masks come off Now it’s about controlling us not me Free country you Mr fake president don’t tell me what to do ..people wake up


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