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American Airlines apologized to a woman who was told to cover her sweatshirt that said “fuck cancer” before boarding the plane.

“Wow… @americanair Let me apologize to you publicly for having such a strong stance on Cancer,” Roslyn Singleton, a two-time cancer survivor, posted on her Instagram about the incident.

The article goes on to state the following:

The airline said in a statement to The Charlotte Observer that the company does have a policy that “prohibit[s] clothing that displays offensive statements and inappropriate language from being worn on board” but the employees “should have taken the broader context of the message displayed on the customer’s shirt into consideration when explaining our policies.”

According to Singleton’s attorney, she is an eight year Navy veteran who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Singleton then posted a letter from her attorney:

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  1. quick question though … im confused I am a white woman that’s a cancer survivor since young adulthood, with many in my family with or surviving cancer … would AA have apologized to me had i worn the hoodie with that on it ? i am getting tired of the attitudes that say this is a person of color so we have to tread lightly … not saying i don’t agree with her but they made a definite statement about her race … are they apologizing or asking for an apology be abuse she was Africa American battling cancer or because it was a violation of the 1st amendment? in other words if i wore the same hoodie would they ask for apologies for violating my civil rights or because i too battled cancer …

  2. Its all about the color.praying for her good health and cancer suck.with her nothing but good vibes.she will walk away rich.

  3. Maybe they should have engaged their brain first. People wear those shirts for one of two reasons most of the time. Either they have a loved one with it or has passed from it or they have it. Guess those morons don’t know that.

  4. Do not find that offensive at all!!! I am a cancer nurse and have a pin that says fuck cancer. It is the only description that conveys what cancer does to people and most people like that phrase and say” it says it all”

  5. I agree with her 100% to display F—- cancer!!!! Nothing else describes it better than that phrase. I am a cancer nurse that has a pin that says that phrase that I got at a cancer convention. It spoke to my heart about cancer!!!!! Most patients said that is absolutely how they felt. I have seen so many people die fighting this battle and losing. What I find offensive is BLM on sweatshirts while they are out there fighting, violence and vulgar!!!!! Not this saying about cancer that I can’t even write on this site cause they removed it. F—- CANCER

  6. I recently lost one of my dearest friends to cancer and another is currently battling cancer. Yes, F cancer. Those that are offended because of children seeing this….if your child watches 5 minutes of television, chances are they have already heard the word, it isn’t shocking to hear anymore.
    The issue I have with this is that no one wants to follow rules anymore. If a company has a dress code, you are saying FU by going against their dress code. In today’s society, I guess you can do whatever you want. Maybe this will lead to being able to wear whatever you want and ride first class!
    There is always something good that comes from the bad.

  7. What about Kerry flying first class and did not have his mask on and nothing was done!!!!! So much for the rules!!!! Depends on who you are!!!!

  8. As a cancer survivor and having a Grandson pass from cancer at 32, I do not feel that kind of language has any place going on an airline. I am not a kid but that word turns me off, grates against my nerves when I hear it or see it. It is vulgar.

  9. The problem is that people no longer care. It doesn’t matter that something is no longer shocking or common place…what matters is that so much has become “no longer shocking and common place”. Adults are who they are now because so many started accepting all the crap that are children are now exposed to on a normal basis. I have lost close loved ones to different forms of cancer, and while my heart and prayers go out to every person battling cancer, I completely disagree with flaunting vulgarity. I also disagree with harassment. Had the complaint and legal action been about that, I would be standing behind her.


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