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American Airlines asked Olivia Culpo to put more clothes on before a recent flight to paradise.

On her Instagram Story Thursday, the 29-year-old model’s sister Aurora Culpo said that airline officials asked her sibling to “cover up” before boarding their flight Thursday. The Culpo sisters were flying to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with Olivia’s boyfriend Christian McCaffrey.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Olivia and I are going to Cabo and look at her outfit,” Aurora said, panning the camera to her sister, who was wearing a long black cardigan, sports bra, biker shorts and a face mask. “She looks cute. She looks appropriate. No.”

“They call her up to the desk and tell her that she needs to put a blouse on, otherwise she can’t get on the plane. Tell me is that not so f—– up,” Aurora Culpo complained.

Olivia Culpo later put on a hoodie sweatshirt and was allowed to board the plane.

Below is the video which was originally posted to Instagram. Some people posting on social media thought Culpo’s attire was perfectly appropriate for flying on an airplane.

Others agreed with American Airlines.

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  1. Appropriate for the beach or gym Whats wrong with covering up that which should not be advertised
    Not on a plane
    Idiots who who travel by plane do not think before dressing for their trip
    Nothing with rubber or spandex or nylon should be worn.
    If a plane catches on fire Especially if you are able to get out Your chances of this happening to you are nearly 100% This happens regardless Even if the fire doesn’t touch you . The heat from it will cause all of that to be meshed / melted to your skin And it can not be removed
    Wear cotton.

  2. In my opinion, her outfit is on poor taste for almost anywhere except a gym. However, I do think that American Airlines has a hell of a nerve demanding a dress code when their customer service has diminished greatly in recent years, seats are more crowded and much less comfortable, flight attendants are much less professional and often rude! The same goes for plenty of other airlines! The service and professionalism is nowhere near what it used to be! Flying has become a necessary evil where it once was a luxurious pleasure. I used to enjoy flying and now I dread it!

  3. I don’t understand why girls these days insist on giving it all away for free. Put some damn clothes on. She looks like she is in underwear and a robe why would you wear that out of the house??

  4. Imo she does need to cover up. I try not to judge to harshly since I am old but this looks exactly like she’s just wearing a bra. Save it for Cabo…you’re mot there yet. Can you imagine if a fat older lady was wearing a playtex 18 hour bra & had an open sweater over it? They’d be asking her to put on a blouse too. They’d also wonder if she had a caregiver with her!

  5. A person should dress for the occasion. She is getting on a plane not on a bicycle. She must be so proud of her body that she wants to Flontat in front of everybody else. I would interpret her statement to be look at my gorgeous body don’t you want some of it. That’s the message she is sending. A very bad example for America.

  6. Back in the day flying was really a luxury. People dressed up properly. i avoid flying like the plague. Yes, flight attendants may be more rude.
    They have to put up with rude people, spitting at them, hitting them, disregarding their commands, and basically treating them as if they were their personal maid/waitress. I think on flights less than four hours no food should be served
    People today are so full of their own self-importance. Pull your heads out of your cell phones and ipads and treat people around you the way you want to be treated. The flight crew are totally in charge of that plane and should be respected. Complying with them is in fact the law. You get as good as you give

  7. She is wearing underwear in public with a bathrobe. It is disgusting and inappropriate. This is something you should only wear in the privacy of your home, not in public, not even in a gym. It is demeaning. She has no self respect whatsoever. And she definitely doesn’t respect others.

  8. What happened to class??!!! Shame on mother’s for not teaching your children the appropriate way to dress for different occasions. She is not working out, she is in a professional public setting amongst people of all ages. Looks like she is wearing underwear for G’s sake. This is what differentiates girls from women. SMH

  9. She had to make a big deal out of nothing. She was wearing a cardigan that she could’ve pulled closed and gotten a couple of safety pins to hold it closed. BUT NOOO she had to take to social media for the attention she hasn’t been getting, and showing herself putting on an oversized hoodie. I now wonder if this whole situation wasn’t planned out just for the clicks attention!

  10. Yeah, I agree with the airline in this one. She looks very trashy and appears to be wearing only undergarments. Have some pride, woman!

  11. I remember a time when a woman flew wearing nothing more than a 2 piece swimsuit and blacks flocked to the airport wearing pajamas and not having a bath!
    Did you people even watch the video? A black woman was wearing the same thing in the color blue. The airline didn’t refuse her service nor made her wear a “blouse”!

    • I agree. The black woman was chunky and her breasts were hanging out everywhere. It was completely gross! At least the white girl’s breasts were covered!

  12. These airlines don’t have the authority to be dress code enforcers! If she looks that good, let her wear whatever she wants! It’s SUPPOSED to be a FREE COUNTRY, assholes!!!


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