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Former Rep. Melissa Hart (R-PA) dropped out of the Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial primary race to endorse former Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA). The endorsement comes after Jake Corman also dropped out to endorse Barletta.

During a press conference on Friday, Hart announced that she was suspending her gubernatorial campaign and endorsing Barletta in the race.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The stakes are too high, our Republican primary is too fractured, and we need someone to come out of the Republican primary who is a proven leader, who is a uniter, who is someone who can get Democrat votes, and who can lead as a person who has a vision and the values that the people of Pennsylvania support,” Hart said.

She said, “I am suspending my campaign and I’m supporting Lou Barletta. We all win when we support a candidate who shares our values and shares our vision and who can win. And that candidate is Lou Barletta.”

Barletta said, “We’ve all seen the terrible direction Pennsylvania has taken over the last seven and a half years, and we know that Josh Shapiro would make things even worse. I have a history of beating Democrats, having been elected mayor in a heavily Democratic city and defeated a 26-year incumbent Democrat for Congress.”

He added, “There is no question that as the Republican nominee, I can also beat Josh Shapiro, because the people of Pennsylvania know me. I am proven, road-tested, and ready to lead.”

Barletta tweeted Friday, “Words cannot express how much I respect @HartofPgh for getting in the arena and fighting for what she believed is important to PA. As conservatives across PA coalesce behind my campaign, I am more determined than ever to win this primary and DEFEAT Josh Shapiro in November.”

Journalist Harri Leigh tweeted, “#breaking #Elections2022 Pa. gubernatorial candidate and former Congresswoman Melissa Hart bows out of race, throws support behind Lou Barletta. The announcement comes as Republicans attempt to coalesce around a more moderate, electable candidate.”

Reporter Samantha York wrote, “Melissa Hart says she is endorsing Lou Barletta’s statement that the Republican primary is too fractured. She says a leader is needed who can bring both Democrats and Republicans together. @CBS21NEWS.”

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  1. I will still say, we need a conservative party. I never thought myself as a conservative but today I know I’m not a moderate. I’ve started to despise the republican party. A party of big mouth 2 faces. Not for me. The republican party make the dangerous democrats look smart.

  2. And the two that dropped out are going on vacation with the money they got from the “Moderate” candidate they now endorse.

  3. I’m an Independent Pennsylvanian. I like Lou, but Doug Mastriano is the man. He showed courageous leadership in uncovering the Steal of 2020. He fights for us.


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