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On Friday’s “CNN Newsroom,” Levi Strauss & Co President and CEO Chip Bergh said that he’s “very concerned” about American democracy and “we’re going to do everything that we can to work with the legislatures to make sure that these restrictive laws don’t go into place. We put our money where our mouth is as well.” Bergh also commented on the company’s operations in China, saying that it’s “a very complex situation,” they don’t operate in Xinjiang Province, and “we’re trying to thread the needle to maintain a commercial business there while standing up for what we know is right with respect to the human rights violations in China.”

Bergh said, “I’m very concerned about our democracy right now, Poppy, and voting is a hard-won — or hard-fought and hard-won right for all Americans. And I think what we’re seeing is a backlash to the record voter turnout in 2020 and the baseless, false narrative of voter fraud. And these moves in the 47 states that are considering these [bills] and the legislation that just passed in Georgia are trying to restrict voters’ access to the polls, and it is disproportionately hurting black and brown communities.”

The article goes on to state the following:

He added, “Well, we’re going to primarily focus on doing everything that we can to ensure that our employees and our stakeholders, particularly in the states where we have our largest operations, Texas, Florida, Kentucky in particular, that we’re going to do everything that we can to work with the legislatures to make sure that these restrictive laws don’t go into place. We put our money where our mouth is as well. In 2020, we donated over $3 million from the Levi Strauss Foundation to different states. More than 10% of that went to Georgia specifically to work with nonprofit organizations that were committed to ensuring fair and equal access to the polls and ensuring that voters could get out and vote. And we’re going to continue to do the same thing as we move forward.”

Harlow then questioned Bergh about the companies operations in China and what would it take for Levi’s to stop operations there.

Bergh responded, “So, this is a very complex situation, Poppy. And what I can say definitively, we’ve had terms of engagement that [go] back more than 30 years, which is kind of our rules of conduct, if you will, with our suppliers. And in that, there are some important aspects to it. We will not tolerate, and we do not tolerate any forced labor. And we also insist on the ability to audit our suppliers and be able to do that unannounced. Those two conditions have kept us out of Xinjiang Province for more than a decade, and we don’t produce any product in Xinjiang Province. We don’t buy any materials from Xinjiang Province. We — and China is actually now a relatively small supplier to Levi’s on a global basis. Our commercial business in China is still very small. It’s only about 3% of our total business. And we’re trying to thread the needle to maintain a commercial business there while standing up for what we know is right with respect to the human rights violations in China.”

Harlow tweeted Friday, “’I’m very concerned about our democracy right now.’ — @Levis CEO Chip Bergh to me as he calls laws and bills restricting voting ‘racist.’ He also says Levi’s is willing to ‘pay our fair share’ of increased corporate taxes to fund @POTUS infrastructure plan.

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  1. Great another company to boycott. At this rate I will go to Goodwill and the salvation army to get my clothes. What a bunch of stupid CEOs or maybe I should call them socialist and or communist. Are they that stupid to believe the fighting administration that has morons working for them that have no idea what they’re doing especially buttig as Secretary of transportation and he couldn’t even control the city of South bend he ruined that

  2. Do these morons realize the all powerful and mighty rich aren’t the ones buying your products. We the gun clinging Bible clinging deplorables are. Guess no more Levi for me. Buh bye

  3. Sick of this crap. Stop spreading the LIE!! Bye bye Levi!!! Read the bill!! You’re so full of it!! Nothing is being restricted. Georgia will not fold. The American people are tired of being bullied by the progressive left. Enough.

    • Stopped buying Levis years ago when they moved to Mexico and upped their prices. If I am going to buy foreign made jeans, not going to pay any more then I have too. For ranch work it’s Wranglers. Round House in Oklahoma makes nice American made quality jeans. Their seconds are nice and reasonable priced.

  4. We need integrity in our voting laws. These CEOs are only concerned with the bottom line. If they really cared about helping American citizens, they would be producing their products in America to help Americans prosper.
    The reason these companies use foreign labor is to use cheap labor – basically slave labor. Bring the work to America thereby helping gang members and welfare recipients break the poverty cycle.
    We need voter ID so true legal citizens vote. We use IDs for everything.

  5. No sweat off my back. don’t like Levi’s anyway.
    I’m hoping this is all a bad nightmare and I will wake up and Trump will be president.
    I wish the communist regime would disappear. Where is a witch when u need one? Oh, one witch is a Democrat so that won’t work. I need to go to show supernatural and get some people on there to save us.

    (. I’m still having my nightmare and trying to save the U. S from Lucifer who has taken over Washington DC)

  6. Its like everything else. All these rich assholes siiting in their mansions trying to tell people how to live. It is communism trying to use , power, force, money, fearmongering, taking away freedom of speech etc. to get what they want for control over America, states, and people. God help these morons realize what they have done before they enter the kingdom of hell.

  7. So Levi is against fair and honest elections like the other Anti-American companies and the Democrat party.
    There is no restrictions of anyone to requiring an ID. You must have an ID to get welfare, medical aid, checking account and more; even babies are assigned a Social Security number at birth, but all the sudden the narrative is racial to require ID to vote? Pathetic.

  8. I am so over private companies trying to influence our political system. It should be against the law for private companies to intervene and use their public brand positions to change and influence politically and socially. And as a Hispanic person I am offended and amazed that the others don’t see how they in their own same way as “fighting racism” they are the first ones that are so racist and degrading to black and brown people. It just really amazes me.

  9. See ya, another one to add to the list and hopefully the 75+ M deplorables do the same. The ONLY way to stop the pure ignorance is to stop supporting those who support this bs

  10. All my Levi’s are now loaded and will be dropped at Goodwill. They’re not the ONLY jean manufacturers and lately the quality says they’re made in China to me. Oh well, we can put our money towards FAIR election laws too. Gotta go to Goodwill now

  11. Are these people really that obtuse? It’s like they have a mental block with the word ILLEGAL. What don’t they get about only citizens can vote, once, and not when you’re dead.

  12. Another company to boycott. The list is growing and I’m saving a lot of money. To hell with corporate America. I’d rather buy from a family owned business.

  13. Looks like i won’t be buying anymore Levi jeans. All this WOKE bs is just going to divide us even more. All those snowflakes can’t keep those companies afloat.

  14. If he was worried about making sure our vote counted and was legal he would put money into making sure everyone is show a legal firm of ID in order to vote. If your to [email protected] lazy
    T go get a proper ID you probably shouldn’t be voting.

  15. These companies should be destroyed. Republicans can look in the mirror and blame themselves. Trump wanted to stop big companies and corporations from having a voice in politics.

  16. The only reason there was such a big voter turn out in 2020 was because the Democrats cheated. These woke companies will pay the price by losing 75 million Americans.

  17. Cheap labor!!!!
    Anyone who can’t see through this Is braindead and can not be cured.
    It’s time to think in other terms It will be a black market As these companies because we bought their products made them rich And now they bite the hand of those who made them. Are in bed with the idiots who we kept re-electing who began to think they are our dictators And make laws to cater to these companies
    We have millions of people who can sew Including myself. Rich people don’t buy from Levi !
    So let’s start our own industry. That’s the way you stop Them Plus you stand like And American.
    Creativity is what made this country. Sitting on the couch being programmed by your computer or the boob tube. Describe you as a lazy 3 rd world idiot Who wouldn’t stand up for your own rights.

  18. If Levi really concerned they wouldn’t deal with communist who have concentration camps. Hate Boy Scouts and America. I stopped buying Levi s 30 years ago. Drink Pepsi


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