VIDEO: Anti-vax protesters chant ‘F–k Joe Biden’ during massive Halloween parade

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A group of anti-vax protesters chanted “F–k Joe Biden” as they marched through the streets of Manhattan Monday night in the city’s annual Halloween parade.

The political statement was but a small sideshow to a frightful evening that transformed parts of the city into a scene from “The Walking Dead” — with a wide variety of zombies lumbering up Sixth Avenue.

One other zombie, in full Michael Jackson “Thriller” regalia, danced his way along the parade route.

Asked about the mandates, a “Mayuh Eric Adams” impersonator said, “I am never going to drop the mandates especially for city workers. I’m dropping it for private workers but not for city workers because they are second-class citizens.”

The crowd booed the fake mayor and yelled “F–k Eric Adams” as well.

The impersonator said, “I don’t care about anybody’s rights. I’m the may-uh and I get stuff done.”

NJEG Media tweeted Tuesday, “Village Halloween parade NYC. ‘The death of Covid’ #nyc #Village #Halloween2022 #NewYorkCity #Pfizer”

Breitbart tweeted, “‘F*ck Joe Biden!’ — Anti-Mandate Protesters Chant at NYC Halloween Parade.”

Denn Dunham wrote, “At the Halloween Parade in NYC someone came dressed up as the Pfizer CEO.”

Viral News NY tweeted, “At the #Halloween Parade in #NYC. ANTI MANDATES PROTESTERS TAKE OVER THE PARADE.”

NYS Assemblymember Kenny Burgos tweeted, “@ the West Village Halloween parade with NYC’s new official mascot 👻”

Photographer Max Guliani tweeted, “UN Zombies patrolling the 2022 Village Halloween Parade #NYC”

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