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PORTLAND, Ore. — Terrance Moses was watching protesters against police brutality march down his quiet residential street one recent evening when some in the group of a few hundred suddenly stopped and started yelling.

Mr. Moses was initially not sure what the protesters were upset about, but as he got closer, he saw it: His neighbors had an American flag on display.

The article goes on to state the following:

“It went from a peaceful march, calling out the names, to all of a sudden, bang, ‘How dare you fly the American flag?’” said Mr. Moses, who is Black and runs a nonprofit group in the Portland, Ore., area. “They said take it down. They wouldn’t leave. They said they’re going to come back and burn the house down.”

The report says Moses, whose nonprofit group helps local homeless people, declared, “We don’t go around terrorizing folks to try and force them to do something they don’t want to do. I’m a veteran. I’m for these liberties.”

Moses and other neighbors blocked the protesters and told them to leave.

More and more, the protesters are getting aggressive, descending on residential areas and mostly white neighborhoods, shouting for people to “out of your house and into the street” and demanding they show their allegiance to the movement.

“Out of your house, into the street,” the rioters chant outside a home during the middle of night.

In Washington, D.C., Black Lives Matter protesters harassed white people dining outdoors, then got angry because one diner began filming them on his phone.

“Why do you want to record us? That recording allows us all to get doxed! They’ll find out our addresses, they’ll trace our social media, they’ll find our families, they’ll find where we work, and right wing media will make sure we don’t protest anymore. So thank you very much for letting us know you are indeed racist,” the protester yelled.

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  1. Walk out your door with a loafers shotgun full of double ought buckshot . Ask em who’s first ! No more BS ,fight fire with a bigger fire . Round up your neighbors , create a force to be reckoned with .
    It’s you and yours or them . I’d rather see their bodies in the streets than my family’s or neighbors .
    Our governors allow them so it’s time We Allow Us !
    Dead men can’t riot and burn !


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