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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Breitbart:

Police in Seattle declared an Antifa May Day protest to be a riot after marchers reportedly assaulted cops and a small child. The rioters continued, marching into the streets committing crimes.

Antifa began a May Day demonstration in Cal Anderson Park in Seattle on Saturday evening, according to a tweet from the Seattle Police Department. The protest became violent as Antifa began throwing flares, bottles, eggs, paint, and a bag filled with an unidentified liquid.

Independent journalist Katie Daviscourt tweeted a video in which police are heard announcing that someone in the crowd just assaulted a small child.

Daviscourt tweeted later, “Update on Antifa’s assault of a small child at today’s May Day march in Seattle: SPD attempted to identify the suspect but failed to do so. Therefore, no arrest was made on the individual during the March.”

The Seattle Police Department tweeted, “Crowd at Broadway and Pine is throwing bottles, rocks, and paint at officers. Police are now issuing a dispersal order and are making two arrests.

“Group now approaching Cal Anderson Park. Crowd has thrown flares, bottles, eggs, paint and a bag of unidentified liquid at officers.”

While filming an arrest, Daviscourt was assaulted by an antifa member.

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  1. That was not free speech when a child is assaulted and destruction of property happens.
    Arrest all of them!
    The United States should not put up with this!
    We are too soft!

  2. Adults assaulting a small child? That’s not adults. Thats animals and they need put away. Antifa is getting away to too much and our Gvmt needs to put a boot down. This crap of being scared to make it worse needs to stop! THAT is making them worse as they see it as cowardice ! Get a grip in our country before its too late!

  3. Poor, innocent child assaulted. How nasty Antifa is. They pick on any size. Immature asswipes. They need to be rounded up and charged for their crimes.

  4. You can arrest them all, but if they jusr let them go what does it matter. So if you riot and destroy private property,the police just watch. If you don’t wear a mask or go to church,they throw you in jail. We wonder how the country has gotten like this, it’s because we LET it happen. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  5. What was the assault on the child that it can’t be mentioned? There should be an all out investigation on this crime…someone knows something!!!
    Seattle needed to end this when it started years ago! This is a terrorist attack!!

  6. When it goes too far and becomes a risk for others it’s time to take them out completely and end this violence once and for all! This is what America does!

  7. All the states should have the new rioting laws that Florida has. Governor DeSantis isn’t putting up with this shit anymore. Other states need to be following him. This is getting totally out of hand and by not doing anything they won’t stop. You know rioters are taking notice as there bringing to court the bill saying it infringes on their civil rights. Burning down cities infringes on other peoples civil rights too. This needs to stop.


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