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Arizona’s Democratic secretary of state called former President Donald Trump’s planned visit to the state over the weekend a “dangerous” one.

Katie Hobbs said residents are “tired of being led by conspiracy theorists” and alluded to the Arizona Senate-led election audit in Maricopa County, which Trump is certain to talk about at the “Protect Our Elections Rally” in Phoenix on Saturday hosted by Turning Point Action, a political action committee created in 2019 by the right-wing Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what he says or does, nothing is going to change the outcome of the 2020 election. But it also doesn’t change how dangerous this is,” Hobbs told CNN on Friday.

In the interview, CNN’s Jim Acosta set the stage by asking Hobbs, “How dangerous is it for Donald Trump to be coming to your state tomorrow?”

Hobbs, who is running for governor of Arizona in 2022, agreed that “it is dangerous” for Trump to come to Arizona, and declared, “[Residents] are tired of being led by conspiracy theorists and don’t support this fake audit, and they’re ready for leaders that are going to put those partisan games aside and deal with real issues.”

“The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what he says or does, nothing is gonna change the outcome of the 2020 election, but it also doesn’t change how dangerous this is,” Hobbs claimed.


Trump announced in a statement shared by his spokesperson, Liz Harrington, on Friday, “I am looking forward to speaking at Turning Point Action on Saturday afternoon, in the Great State of Arizona, at the Arizona Federal Theatre. We will be broadcasting at approximately 6:00PM EST. Big crowd, see you there!”

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  1. Katie, I thought we were supposed to be protected by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You madame sound like Gov. Wallace in the 1960s.

  2. The bottom line is she belongs in prison. If the fraud is massive oh yes it will change the outcome. If you stand in the way it’s called treason.

  3. How can anyone vote for Katie to lead their state when she continues to lie. The forensic audit showed everyone exactly what we thought it would. We also knew the hand recount would not show a damn thing and so did all Demorats. What blows my mind is how can someone(Biden) that is serving a position through fraud stay in that position. If a person is put in prison and later evidence clears him, you don’t leave him in prison. Biden needs removed before America can’t be saved.

  4. Katie, Katie Katie you know trump is going to shred you in his speech which will give you no chance in hell of winning in 2022. It’s time to tell the truth about the fraud election

  5. The word democrat used to describe a person Tells all there is to know about the buffoon spewing crap. Arizona like all the other states need to clean out the trash called democrats and rinos

  6. The audit will show all the fraud …show the need for voter integrity laws. It will make the foolish Democrats that fled from Texas duty look like the fools they are… and the Democrat States that have objected to any voter integrity laws look like bigger fools. Americans have made it abundantly clear they want voter integrity lawspassed. She just knows she couldn’t keep her job if there wasn’t fraud.

  7. Why are you democrats so afraid of President Trump. You we’re going after him before he was sworn in. You lied about Russia,Ukraine, and now the election. You’re afraid of the number of people who will come to see President Trump & compare it to 3000 in Va that the room wasn’t even half full. It was shown on the news. Still want us to believe he’s the most loved most people to vote for him in history. is pathetic. I hope everyone of you get booted out and put in jail.


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