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Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, appeared on Fox & Friends Saturday, and told host Pete Hegseth, “this economic crisis was intentional.”

Hegseth highlighted the horrific number of jobs lost in April – 20.5 million – and noted that the unemployment rate now sits at nearly 15%.

“I think it’s very important to point out that this economic crisis we’re experiencing right now was intentional, and it was on the back of an extraordinary strong economy,” Carson said.

“In 2008, it was just the opposite. We had a very weak economy. So, this is a different situation altogether. And, it’s very important that we not allow that economic infrastructure to be destroyed so that we can rapidly get back on that train again,” he said.

“So, what we want to do is make sure that we preserve particularly the small businesses,” Carson added. “The small businesses are the backbone of the economy of this country. They employ the vast majority of Americans. And, the longer, you know, we stay shuttered, the more of those small businesses will die.”

“So, at the forefront of what we’re thinking about is how do we make sure that we preserve the viability of those small businesses and a lot of that has to do with using our brains intelligently,” he added. “Not allowing this virus to completely dominate us but, in fact, how do we control it and live with it until we have the ability to completely eliminate it? If we wait until it’s all gone before we come out, our economy will be gone also.”

WATCH his comments in the video below:

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