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President Joe Biden suffered yet another brain freeze Friday, appearing to forget the name of Xavier Becerra, his Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The embarrassing moment came as Biden called on Becerra to join him during the signing of the White House’s new competition executive order. The president seemingly could only recall his HHS secretary’s first name, Xavier, and moved on quickly to pay him a compliment about a recent media appearance.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Mr. Secretary, I’ve been watching you on television, you’ve been really good,” he said, to laughs from members of the audience.

RNC Research Director  Zach Parkinson tweeted many of Biden’s brain freezes. The latest tweet said, “Joe Biden forgets his own HHS Secretary’s name: ‘Xavier…uh…Mr. Secretary.'”

This most recent incident isn’t the first time Biden has forgotten or flubbed a name of someone who is close to him. Biden was trying to remember his Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin’s name at an event for International Women’s Day.

“I want to thank you both, and I want to thank the sec… the former general, I keep calling him general but my… my, uh… the guy who runs that outfit over there,” Biden said at the end of his speech.

RNC Research tweeted,  Biden forgets Kevin McCarthy’s name saying, “The solid meeting with uh…with uh…the uh…”

“Joe Biden can’t remember the name of someone he spent hours negotiating with, calls Senator Shelley Moore Capito ‘Shelley Caputo.'”

“Biden seems to struggle to remember Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander’s name.”

“Joe Biden appears to forget who briefs him every day for 1 hour on the coronavirus.”

Daily Wire Reporter Ryan Saavedra tweeted, “Joe Biden appears to forget Barack Obama’s name.”

Washington Free Beacon tweeted, “@JoeBiden could not recall Mitt Romney’s name during a campaign stop Monday, referring to Romney as ‘the senator who was a Mormon.'”

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  1. Time for him to retire. JUST FIRE HIM!! He can’t do this anymore. But I don’t want Harris or Nasty. Actually remove all evil DUMOCRAPS!!

    • Rhonda,
      I agree – fire him. It’s not that easy. Look at what was done to Trump – twice.
      It’s not the time (although it could take too much) but keeping Congress away from the job we put them there to do. Meanwhile the children left with the cookie jar might be too dangerous.

  2. Magoo’s wife must be getting g paid a pretty penny to allow him to make an @$$ out of himself and the country

  3. Our (and I use the term loosely) President is obviously (at least somewhat) having a senior moment (or two, or ten) at this time. It’s not safe for him or the rest of our country.
    Since there is someone (the puppetmaster) who could or should step in and do something (hint, hint). There must be someone hiding in the shadows who is more than capable of making a change. If Biden is taken out of the office we then need to look at Harris (that’s a scary thought). If handled correctly, she shouldn’t be entertaining the thought of the hardest job. She takes 2 months to BEGIN planning to go to the border. So she goes – and stays at the airport. She is not someone I want in a position of authority.

  4. You didn’t even include when he confused his wife with his sister.

    But in fairness, you should understand that sometimes Biden’s teleprompter malfunctions. He needs to repair or replace his teleprompter. This one lies.

  5. Why is that nobody sees Biden is out of quack because he doesn’t know what to do and forgets what to say and does not remember Democrats names.He Biden is an evil asshole and he needs to be kicked out impeached with Harris and his dumb wife. We need Trump back in the White House.


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