VIDEO: Biden call into Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade turns into cringe TV moment

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WASHINGTON – President Biden thanked first responders with an awkward phone call into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Thursday that provided some cringeworthy TV for viewers of the annual parade.

From the Massachusetts island home of private-equity billionaire David Rubenstein, the president and first lady Jill Biden engaged in a call that started with a lengthy and uncomfortable silence as NBC’s Dylan Dryer, on scene at the parade, seemed unable to hear the pair for about 30 seconds.

“I’m not one to take a phone call during TV, but I think I should answer this one,” Dreyer said.

However, the call did not start out well, as Dreyer was only met with silence on the other end for several moments.

“I don’t think I can hear you…” Dreyer yelled, adding,  “Can you hear me, Mr. President?”

“Mr. President. Are you there?” she asked again.

Finally Biden responded, “We’re here.”

Dreyer asked, “What do you want to say to everyone watching right now?”

However, it was Jill Biden who responded to that question, before belatedly asking, “Joe, what do you want to say?”

WATCH below:

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  1. 🙄
    Jill being a mother to Jor. “What do you say?” Shit! He calls himself a leader of our country? Shit!

  2. Who cares about these pair who have lied to our USA about how great they made our country taking money from other countries including the drug addict Hunter and Hunter needs to be in prison. The Biden’s are thief’s and lairs and they need to go to hell the son of a bitches

  3. What more could
    You expect from a parade in New York?! No class. Biden is a classless, pathetic excuse for a Pres. of a once great nation. Nauseating.

  4. joe, the brain dead liar-in-thief and his sidekick ruined the parade. What the hell was the purpose of that call? Apparently, nothing. Just to remind us that he and the fake doctor in name only are on vacation again. He goes on vacation every week and joe’s brain has been on vacation for the last 5 years.


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