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President Joe Biden claimed Tuesday that he had a house in New Hampshire that “burn[ed] down with” his “wife in it.” He clarified soon after that the entire thing did not burn down, a “significant portion” did.

“And I know, having had a house burn down with my wife in it — she got out safely, God willing — but having a significant portion of it burn, I could tell 10 minutes makes a hell of a difference. It makes a big difference,” the president said while speaking about the importance of bridges in an emergency situation.

The article goes on to state the following:

The fire referenced by Biden occurred in 2004 when lightning struck Biden’s home and started a fire that was “contained to the kitchen,” according to Firehouse, which syndicates The Associated Press. No one was injured in the fire, which was reported to authorities by Jill Biden, according to the report.

Reporter Philip Melanchthon Wegmann tweeted:

Making the point that bridges are important to emergency services, Biden says in NH he “had a house burn down with my wife in it.” He adds, “she got out safely.”

According to AP in 2004, fire in question was “small” and “was contained to the kitchen.”

Within moments, Biden seemed to clarify by saying “a significant portion of it burned.”

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  1. What a fool. Nobody who lost their homes in the wildfires is shedding a tear for your wife’s ( the living one) kitchen grease fire. My brother lost everything he owned, did not even have a stitch of clothing. So FJB!!

  2. Too bad he didn’t mention the first responders who are fired over refusing to be lab rats! Who is going to be in the fire truck and ambulance driving over that bridge????

  3. Biden should have never gotten into politics, he couldn’t even keep a rock garden alive, I believe his niche is writing fiction. FJB!!!

  4. What a damn shit for brains idiot!! He doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Him and his Liabetes sure know how to tell a story I tell ya! Rambling on about fire and safety needing bridges to get across but what’s his plan when he doesn’t have but a few to take the calls bc they are smart enough to not let him n others push them into a mandate for this vaccine shit! Let’s go Brandon!!

  5. A kitchen fire is considered to Biden a significant portion of his house? First his house burned down then a significant portion. Which is it Joe?


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