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Joe Biden struggled to read the teleprompter on Tuesday as he delivered remarks from the White House on his administration’s plans to get more vaccines into the arms of Americans.

As he was attempting to inform viewers on how to easily get the Covid-19 vaccine, Biden appeared to be unable to pronounce the name of the government’s vaccine website.

“We’re going to make it easier than ever to get vaccinated,” Biden said. “Visit vaccines dot gum – dot gov – vaccines dot gum.”

Biden then stumbled through the directions on how to sign up for the government’s texting program.


Biden also urged Americans to continue following the “CCD” guidance.

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  1. I am tired of the news media and everyone else calling Biden’s senility a “gaffe”. These aren’t gaffes. They are demonstrable deficiencies in Biden’s cognitive condition.

  2. Henry,

    You’re absolutely correct. Can any of us even imagine the “news” had President Trump made these examples of obvious cognitive decline?!

  3. 😮🤣🤡🤡 that’s about the size of it. The government website is “.gum” because they’ve blowing bubbles up We The People’s ass. smh

  4. Biden’s a stupid idiot liar with a disfunctional family and Big blow Harris is pulling the strings with smug Obama.


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