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President Biden received an ugly welcome in the Land of 10,000 Lakes on Tuesday when his motorcade passed dozens of protesters who held vulgar signs dissing the commander-in-chief.

Some of the demonstrators waved campaign flags for former President Donald Trump.

The article goes on to state the following:

One sign said “FJB” in an apparent abbreviation of “F–k Joe Biden.”

Other signs read, “You Suck,” “High Gas – C’mon man” and “Trump still president.”


Below is a peek at the crowd listening to Biden’s speech, as he spoke at the Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, Minnesota on Tuesday, in an effort to sell his “Build Back Better” plan.

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  1. And of course there were people waving but not utilizing all their fingers…. And the odious faker figurehead treasonous traitor Joe Biden thought…. Yes I’m still number one!

  2. Oohhh!! Now the FBI will be knocking on their doors!!!!!!! I say Biden needs to reimburse all the American citizens that were unfairly coerced into. Taking Gauci and Fates poison..

  3. From a guy that thinks hes helping the middle class that has never in his life had a blue collar job. Hes worked in government all his life. High gas, heating fuel and food is killing the blue collar worker. Killing high paying jobs on day one of his presidency with keystone pipeline and a halt on issuing drilling permits that were already approved. He hasn’t even got through a year of his presidency and has killed everything that worked for the blue collar worker. We see the open border that will have the effect of lowering wages that were finally at a 30 year high and now inflation that is at a 31 year high pretty much has erased the wage gain. His climate change agenda hasn’t even been implemented yet and will devastate every American. This will be the first time I use this fraze” F##K JOE BIDEN”. Enough is enough.

  4. He will be impeached during r after his presidency no doubt about it. The Laptop from Hell is going to burn the Biden’s down.⏳ Mark my words.🔨

  5. Man!! I hope the FBI gets done terrorizing all those tax paying parents so they can go torment all those Brandon fans!!!!!!!! Then maybe they can talk to Fauci about gain of function and then China for lacing all that heroin with fentanyl . So damn rude.

  6. He needs to stop talking about the hard working middle class people. He has no clue what that feels like since he doesn’t have to pay for gas and shop the way we do.


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