VIDEO: Biden official defends China’s climate change spending policy during tense hearing, contradicts herself

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President Biden’s secretary of energy had an intense back-and-forth during a House Appropriations Subcommittee meeting on Friday. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm defended her previous comments praising China’s environmental policy under interrogation by Chief Deputy Whip Guy Reschenthaler.

“Secretary, on March 10, 2023, you said, “We can all learn from what China is doing” — obviously about the environment,” Reschenthaler said in the hearing. “At the time you made that comment, were you aware that 30 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions came from China?”

“Oh, yes,” Granholm answered.

Granholm showed her true feelings about China and how they handle climate change during an  interview at the annual SXSW conference in Austin, Texas last month. She boasted that Americans can “learn from what China is doing” and claimed that China is “very sensitive” about the issue, apparently unlike the U.S.

At the hearing, Reschenthaler continued pressing Granholm, who repeatedly claimed she was aware of statistics on China’s negative impact on the global environment. He pointed out the increase in China’s emissions, the increased construction of coal power plants in the country, and its Paris Climate Accord-sanctioned ability to increase emissions until 2030. Reschenthaler also cited the U.S. Energy Information Administration statistics showing “55% of China’s energy” now comes from coal “compared to 11% in the U.S.” Granholm acknowledged the statistics.

Reschenthaler then asked, “Knowing that you knew all that when you made the comment, would you like to retract your praise for China?”

The response from the energy secretary was clear to the Pennsylvania representative, and unapologetic: “No, my praise for China was on what they are doing to invest in clean energy, even as they are the world’s largest emitter… They are also the largest investor in clean energy technologies — they invest four times more than the United States.”

A fiery exchange then unfolded. Watch below:

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  1. The video came through very clear for me. I just don’t understand how she can praise China for anything, everything the speaker was saying was spot on. She knew about all the abuses, yet she still praises China. She is pathetic.

  2. China bought just like Biden and most of congress.Until China India and other countries reduce emissions we shouldn’t either.Just putting USA at a disadvantage. The only investment China is making in renewable energy is selling us their crap solar panels and wind turbines

    • Yep, agree with that. And will be selling us the batteries for EV’s thanks to that scumbag hunter biden for helping china acquire cobalt mines to make those battery chips. All to line his and his daddy’s pockets. Filthy little scumbag.

  3. Just blatantly shows once again that liberals cannot grasp any logical fact. I am surprised she did not call him a racist or a homophobe


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