VIDEO: Biden thoroughly mocked after his bracket gets busted on day 1 of March madness

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In news that will no doubt shock everyone (not really) a prediction made by President Joe Biden did not actually work out.

On Thursday, Biden (or, more likely, the intern charged with making his NCAA bracket) tweeted out his predictions for March Madness. Except, not only did the president’s pick to win the men’s tournament, Arizona, lose to 15-point underdog Princeton in the first-round. But the president also committed the ultimate bracket party foul of posting his picks after the tournament had already begun.

Princeton ended up defeating Arizona 59-55. Was Arizona a bad pick? No. A ton of experts had the Wildcats going all the way. What is bad, and, sadly, par for the course for his administration, is coming up a day late and a dollar short by missing the bracket deadline altogether.

Biden wrote on Thursday, “Good luck to every team in this year’s NCAA tournament. I’ve got Arizona in the men’s tournament and Villanova in the women’s – and as you know, in this household, Villanova always wins.”

Author Brigitte Gabriel commented, “Joe Biden has time to fill out an extensive detailed March Madness Bracket but he doesn’t have the time to go to East Palestine.”

Host Sean Spicer quipped, “Biden’s March Madness Bracket busted on first day of tournament, blames Trump.”

Host Mike Crispi said, “Biden picked #2 seed Arizona to win March Madness in his bracket and they promptly lose in the first round to #15 seed Princeton. Guess it’s harder to win when it’s not rigged huh Joe?”

Outkick tweeted, “Biden tweets out his March Madness bracket after the tournament started and his winner is already eliminated 😂 ”

Barstool’s Dave Portnoy wrote, “Vintage Biden. Tweets out bracket after tournament started. Auto DQ. See ya next year buddy.”

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  1. This fucking idiot has time to pick teams for a NCAA game, but doesn’t have time to address the tragic issue at our Southern Border, the downed Drone issue, the cost of fuel, the economy issue. Fuck you joe biden. Drop off into slumber land. You are already braindead anyway.


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